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By Mellissa McGrath - 20:31:00

It can be hard to find the perfect drugstore face makeup to fit your needs, because let's be honest we are always searching for the miracle products- right? Well I think I may have found my go to everyday makeup for the face, which is not only affordable, but leaves a great coverage with a natural finish! I've used these products together for quite a while now so I thought why not tell you all about them...

Loreal Nude Magique Blur Cream - It's all about that base! A primer is a must have for me, to leave a smooth base ready for my foundation to go on top. I don't like my primer to heavy, so when I found this it was simply perfect. It goes on smoothly and has a slight colour pigment to it (I get light to medium) which makes the skin an even tone, whilst filling in your pores, leaving a silky finish and banishes an oily t-zone without being to mattifying (great for me, as I have oily skin and need all the help I can get!) I previously used the Studio Secrets Primer by Loreal which I find great to mattify and keep your foundation lasting all day, but I did find it was just too thick for the daytime, so when I came across this lighter version I was almost jumping for joy, it is perfect and you can even wear it on it's own without any other makeup!

Covergirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 - This foundation is just as it states fabulous! It can be quite a heavy, full coverage foundation if you build on it, but for everyday, a little goes a long way and it doesn't feel thick on the skin (I use one pump for my whole face). The foundation is classed as 3 in 1, a foundation, primer and concealer all in one. I have tried using this product on it's own but still prefer a primer underneath as I don't like putting foundation onto bare skin without a base (but it works differently for everyone). I do pick this up when I go to Florida on holiday so I am aware you can't get Covergirl in the UK. However, I feel Max factor's  Facefinity 3 in 1 is extremely similar and this is what I use when my Covergirl runs out, it feels almost identical on the skin. The best thing about this products is that you can use it for either day or night and it lasts for hours, leaving a semi-matte finish, which is great for normal to oily skin types.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch - You've got to love a highlight! Applying a little amount of this concealer around the eye area makes such a huge difference. It is illuminating, meaning it brightens the eyes making you look like you've slept for days (bye bye dark circles, that's what we like to hear!) There is a lot of lovely concealers I've used in the past, but this is my favourite drugstore one I have found so far, it's a product that can make such a difference when you are tired and need a pick me up in the morning!

These products are all part of my everyday makeup routine and I am really happy with them at the moment, you never know some other products may creep up and win me over, but after many months of using these products, I've found no drugstore makeup that compares... so until then these will continue to be my must have makeup products!

What are your must have face products? Anything you would recommend? :)

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  1. i love when bloggers review drugstore makeup, i hate spending money for designer brands!