St.Tropez vs St.Moriz

By Mellissa McGrath - 17:19:00

I have to admit nothing beats a fresh glowing tan, whether it's natural from the sun or straight out of the bottle! Being that little bit bronzed, makes me feel so much better.

I want to talk about the products above,  St.Tropez and St.Moriz and my thoughts and experiences of them! I use both and they are very similar products to one another, apart from the obvious fact that St.Moriz is a much cheaper dupe product for St.Tropez! But does it achieve the same results? Hear my experiences of each product...

Firstly St.Tropez! I use the original bronzing mousse (I have used their other products but this is by far my favourite!) I have to admit this is the best false tan I have used and trust me I have tried so many, but I know unfortunately,  it is a little bit on the pricey side. I love the mousse formula, it comes out the shade of the tan so you can make sure it is streak free and even. It then takes moments to dry once you have applied, which I love because I hate the sticky feeling when a tan seems to take forever to dry, so this is a must for me. I apply the product with a tan mitt and leave it to develop for 4 hours or more allowing the colour to deepen and set a beautiful, natural bronzed shade. I find it doesn't have a very strong smell like most do, yes it does smell like false tan, but I have never found one without any smell so this has been the best so far in that area! Lastly, one of the best things I find about St.Tropez is you only need to apply it once to get a natural even glow and it lasts for up to a week later, without fading and doesn't leave a patchy residue on the skin which is great and exfoliates away evenly!

St.Moriz is a whole lot cheaper, which is a major plus to start with! If you don't have much to spend it is definitely a good alternative. The formula is also a mousse and comes out the shade of the tan just like St.Tropez (this is the dark one, so you don't need a lot). It applies great and I was really impressed with it, as it also dried quite quickly. Although it does contain a much stronger smell which can sometimes be a little overpowering. The shade does deepen quite a lot and sometimes makes me think Ahhhh! this is too dark, but once you shower the excess washes off and surprisingly it doesn't leave a lot of the colour, I find it instantly fades a lot after one wash, so I do have to apply another coat to get the colour I like. Compared to St. Tropez this tan doesn't last to long on the skin afterwards and after a couple of days it does start to become patchy, but other than that I am surprised at how good it is for such an affordable price.

I definitley prefer St.Tropez as it is better quality and I love the finishing result when applying, but for a cheaper alternative I would certainly not hesitate to repurchase St.Moriz. I love the formula and think it is a good false tan for the price, as it is expensive to continuously repurchase St.Tropez, but it is a excellent treat once in a while.

Have you tried either of these products? What would you go for? :)

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