Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Winter White | Faux Fur Parka

Before we start, let me begin with telling you, I am a coat addict. Most people love purchasing, bags or shoes but no not me, nothing makes me happier than purchasing a jacket or two!
So obviously I was really excited when I purchased my first parka of this winter, I've got lots of long coats but I wanted something in between that I can layer with cosy jumpers when it's cold. When I found this simple but perfect coat from Topshop, it was just what I was looking for. I love navy because it goes with everything, the buttons and zip are gold which adds a lovely finishing touch and my favourite detail of all has to be... the hood! A Faux fur winter white hood is beautiful for this time of year, and keeps you feeling snug even when the weather isn't great.. like it was on this particular day (but secretly with a hood like that, you want to make the most of putting it up! ha)

These photos were taking on a Christmas trip out to Beamish, which is an outdoor museum showing how people lived in the Victorian Times with little shops, houses and schools to go in and look around. But it is extra special at this time of year with Santas Grotto, feeding the reindeers and articifical snow, it definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit! It was a rainy cold day for outdoor activity, so I stayed casual and cosy with boots, leggings and lots of layers ready to explore!

I hope you enjoyed this festive little post and enjoy the last couple of days leading up to Christmas with loved ones and making memories!

Merry Christmas x

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter Essentials

When winter hits, I instantly get out the beauty products I know I will be needing to help me out in these cold months! Here are a few products that I always run back to and which I find essential in my beauty bag, to keep my skin healthy and moisturised during the winter...

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub - This has been a life saver for me as I am one of those people, that as soon as the colder weather appears so do my dry lips, but using this scrub once a week or so just makes them feels fresh and smooth. I haven't used a lot of lip scrubs, it's just not something I would usually purchase but this has turned into a must have product for me! Let's not forget it is popcorn flavour and looks and tastes amazing.

Baby Lips and EOS balms - Lip balms are definitely essential I always have 1 (..or 5) in my bag at all times and these are two of my favourites. Baby Lips is one I always like to have as I always purchase the ones with a tint of colour, above is the nude, it's always nice to add a little colour to the lips as well as keeping them moisturised. EOS products smell and taste amazing! The one above is sweet mint and is really refreshing on the lips (I also love the strawberry) they keep your lips lovely and smooth, but aren't greasy or sticky, which is perfect for this weather, there is nothing worse than when the wind blows your hair straight into glossy, sticky lips - nightmare!

 Soap and Glory Hand Food - This is a hand cream I always go back to, it's basic, a great size and smells lovely! I'm not a one for using hand cream very much to be honest, but after wearing gloves and trying to keep warm it's nice on a evening to just give yourself a little pamper and make sure your skin isn't drying out. This hand cream is non-greasy and has always saved me from getting dry hands in the winter!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - My face never normally gets dry, I have the opposite problem, it is normally always too oily! But when I'm feeling under the weather at this time of year, as unfortunately we all normally get at some point, my skin seems to be affected instantly and become dry! This product has been great to help soothe the skin and leaves me waking up without dry areas, although it is a mask it isn't extremely thick - which I love, and it soaks in pretty quickly. It works wonders through the night and is a new, favourite skincare product this year for my winter beauty bag!

Winter is the time when my skin needs all the help it can get, so these products have worked wonders for me and are definitely a few of my favourites this year!

Have you got any wonderful winter beauty essentials?

Friday, 19 December 2014

Lunch at The Dome | Edinburgh

The Dome in Edinburgh has the most beautiful traditional decorations and is always a must for me whenever I visit at Chritsmas! The service, food and surroundings are so special and as you can see we didn't order anything out the ordinary and it was pretty basic but it was so delicious! (We went upstairs to 'The Georgian Tea Rooms' but I will definitely go and try the other restaurants they have next time!) It's worth a visit, even for a cup of tea or to look around.. it never disappoints. It deserved a post all on it's own, I just hope the pictures do it justice! If your visiting Edinburgh I would definitely recommend going here, you will not be disappointed, it's worth the wait and is simply beautiful, I had such a lovely time.

Have you been here before, what are your thoughts? :)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Christmas Break | Edinburgh

I have recently got back from a few festive days in Edinburgh, it was lovely to just see the Christmas markets, do some Christmas shopping and stop for numerous cups of teas because it was so cold haha! Here are some photos I took while I was there...

 Patisserie Valerie  is a beautiful little cafe, it's a must whenever I go to Edinburgh to have a little sweet treat before the shopping continues!)


 I had to take a picture, the Christmas Tree in Jenners is just beautiful I always wonder how they put it up..)

We had to take an instagram train pic on our way - it only seems right :)

Yep, what better way to end than a few 'not so ready' shots on yet another cup of tea break! Ha

I had such a lovely time, its always nice to have a break for a little bit at Christmas and enjoy the festivities. It's such a busy time of year that it was nice to just stop for a small amount of time and make some memories and have fun, I've been in the Christmas spirit for over a month now, but even more so now, I just can't believe Christmas is a week today! Still so much to do and so little time, but that's just the exciting thing about this time of year

Have you done/got anything fun planned for over Christmas? :)

Monday, 8 December 2014

A Little Hair Change | Loreal Casting

When winter hits, I always feel I need to change my hair a little, especially making it darker! Nothing beats a dark chocolate brown when the weather gets colder.

I thought I'd show you what I used on my hair this time around, Loreal Castings 415 Iced Chocolate. I only wanted semi-permanant colour as I haven't dyed my hair in over a year so wanted to keep it in a healthy condition!
First of all the scent wasn't as strong as a normal hair dye and it actually smells nice and is easy to apply and as for the colour, I was very happy! It is a medium brown with a slight red tone but still really natural ( it always goes a little darker when it is first done but soon fades and yes, the pictures above look lighter on one side, its just the natural light!) Normally when I change my hair colour it always goes much darker and looks really harsh but the castings didn't do that and left my hair in lovely condition, the small conditioner you get in the box is also amazing, I wish I could purchase this separate!

I also got my hair cut, nothing to drastic but since I hadn't had a hair cut in months I thought it was time! My hair has grew so much this year that the layers are nearly grown out, so I got two inches off the bottom, (yes,it was hard to do, that initial thought of your hair getting shorter always takes time to get your head round ha but it needed it!) it looks much thicker and is nearly all one length, I love it, it feels so thick and full! I've always had layers so I am loving this small change.

I would definitely recommend this hair colour, I've used so many and this is definitely the best for a great shine and just brings my hair back to life!

Have you changed your hair recently? :)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

It's December!!! It has came around so quickly I don't know where the time has gone, but for me this is the most exciting month of the year! Since it's the 1st December and it is a tradition that our family Christmas Tree is put up on this day every year, it seemed only right to show you the final result :)

As you can see it is Disney themed (I know you probably weren't surprised!) we've collected these Christmas ornaments for years, mainly from our holidays to Florida and I am so proud with the collection we have got (plus I don't think we'd fit anymore on now..) They aren't all Disney we also have an ornament from every country we have visited and countries we haven't, friends and family get us a bauble whenever they travel to a new country, so we have little memories from all over the world. So it seems only right we call it The Tree of the World!

I hope you enjoyed the overload of pictures! and spotted some of your favourite characters along the way, I wish I could take a one of every single ornament, but I know that would be a tad bit crazy!

I am so excited for Christmas and now that the tree is up the count down begins (let's not forget about the chocolate calendar I opened this morning, another favourite thing about December!)

Thank you for reading! I'm sure there will be many more Christmas related posts this month :)