Lunch at The Dome | Edinburgh

By Mellissa McGrath - 16:38:00

The Dome in Edinburgh has the most beautiful traditional decorations and is always a must for me whenever I visit at Chritsmas! The service, food and surroundings are so special and as you can see we didn't order anything out the ordinary and it was pretty basic but it was so delicious! (We went upstairs to 'The Georgian Tea Rooms' but I will definitely go and try the other restaurants they have next time!) It's worth a visit, even for a cup of tea or to look around.. it never disappoints. It deserved a post all on it's own, I just hope the pictures do it justice! If your visiting Edinburgh I would definitely recommend going here, you will not be disappointed, it's worth the wait and is simply beautiful, I had such a lovely time.

Have you been here before, what are your thoughts? :)

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  1. Gorgeous photos! looks lovely xx