Oh Christmas Tree...

By Mellissa McGrath - 20:30:00

It's December!!! It has came around so quickly I don't know where the time has gone, but for me this is the most exciting month of the year! Since it's the 1st December and it is a tradition that our family Christmas Tree is put up on this day every year, it seemed only right to show you the final result :)

As you can see it is Disney themed (I know you probably weren't surprised!) we've collected these Christmas ornaments for years, mainly from our holidays to Florida and I am so proud with the collection we have got (plus I don't think we'd fit anymore on now..) They aren't all Disney we also have an ornament from every country we have visited and countries we haven't, friends and family get us a bauble whenever they travel to a new country, so we have little memories from all over the world. So it seems only right we call it The Tree of the World!

I hope you enjoyed the overload of pictures! and spotted some of your favourite characters along the way, I wish I could take a one of every single ornament, but I know that would be a tad bit crazy!

I am so excited for Christmas and now that the tree is up the count down begins (let's not forget about the chocolate calendar I opened this morning, another favourite thing about December!)

Thank you for reading! I'm sure there will be many more Christmas related posts this month :)

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