Sunday, 25 January 2015

Big Voluminous Soft Waves

My favourite hairstyle has got to be big bouncy waves, but sometimes you don't have a lot of time to sit and take your time doing your hair. So I thought I'd show you my favourite way to style my hair which is quick, simple and only needs a few products to create this look!

First of all let's just take a minute to talk about the product behind this hair style which I love and would recommend to everyone! The Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves curling wand, it is such a nice curler for long hair like mine, especially if you want the big curls/waves or create a tousled beach look. The longer 34mm barrel makes it easy to wrap your hair around (larger areas for big soft waves, or smaller sections for a slight tighter curl). It is super quick, I section my hair off and wrap sections around the barrel and hold for no longer than 20 seconds, then let the curl unravel into the palm of my hand and drop it slowly which leaves the curl sitting nicely in place. I tend to use smaller sections of hair along the bottom and when I get to the top use larger sections to help it blend together to look big, bouncy and natural. 

The styling products I use are really affordable and ones I always go back to (and trust me I try a lot of hair products!) 
I start with using a few sprays of Batiste Dry Shampoo in the roots of my hair, I feel it adds texture and gives a little lift before I have even styled my hair, I've been using the tropical scent recently, which is lovely and refreshing! 
Then I spray my VO5 Heat Protect spray all over my hair to help prevent damage from the curling wand, I love the nozzle of this product it sprays evenly and doesn't leave your hair feeling damp or full of product. I have used this for a long time now and I am still really happy and keep finding myself going back to it! 
After curling each section of my hair I use Loreal Elnett Satin hairspray to keep the curls in place, it feels weightless and doesn't leave your hair feeling hard or sticky like some hairsprays do, the curl lasts ages and you hair still feels super soft. 

Lastly brushes, my favourite brush ever with probably no surprise has to be my Tangle Teezer it gets all the knots our your hair without any effort before you start styling and you can lightly run it through at the end, to soften the curls. I don't know what I done before this brush, I feel it has helped prevent damage to my hair because it is easy and gentle on any tangles, because I have long hair I used to hate the thought of brushing the tangles out, it was such a chore, but now I could brush my hair all day. Then to add extra volume to the top section of my hair I use Lee Stafford My Big Fat Backcomber (love the name, it got me before I even used the product!). I section my hair off and pull the comb down from the top and gently tease my roots, finishing it with hairspray. This has three combs in one so it has good grip and leaves your hair looking big, bouncy and beautiful!

As you can see only a few products are needed to create this hair style so you can make it super quick and the great thing about this look is, you can wake up the next morning give your hair a little brush and you still have lovely soft natural waves! We all love a hairstyle that lasts a couple of days and this does just that.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have tried any of these products? :)

Monday, 19 January 2015

New Rimmel Scandaleyes Xxtreme | Review

Rimmel Scandaleyes XX-treme-  £6.99 (introductory price £4.99)

One beauty product which is an essential in your make up bag is a mascara! But there are so many out there and constantly new mascaras on the market that you sometimes don't know where to start! (...and if your like me, end up trying a lot that doesn't work right for you!) So today I thought I'd do a little review of the new Rimmel Scandaleyes XX-treme to tell you my thoughts!

Normally I always go for a mascara with a thin comb brush, like the Loreal Telescopic, because big chunky brushes just don't work for me no matter how many times I try! But I wanted a change and to try something new for thicker lashes,without the really thick brush, that's when I came across this brand new mascara which I have been using the past week to see how I really feel about it...

Firstly the brush is a nice medium size, raised and arched on one side (reminded me of Loreal's False Lash Flutter) this helps make the lashes not only voluminous but longer, so I loved this idea of two in one! I have to say one downside to this mascara has to be the texture of the product. It is very wet so could be hard to manage and get everywhere if you aren't careful, it feels like a lot of product is on the brush when you are using it, but luckily this doesn't make it clumpy on the eyes! However, the brush is very nice to spread out the lashes and build because it doesn't dry quickly, so you can layer it without the lashes feeling clumpy.

This mascara is nice and definitely adds volume and length to the lashes, I love the brush to spread the lashes and it builds nicely. But it is disappointing that it is very liquefied especially for me as I'm one of those people that blink to hard or sneeze after applying and get those panda eyes! So I have to be super careful and not touch my lashes until I know they are dry. It leaves a nice finishing result once applied and makes my lashes look long and thick, with a flared out finish due to the arch in the brush. So if you are careful when applying and don't mind a really wet, liquid mascara then it definitely could be you new favourite mascara!

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts? :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Little Black Cape

Cape: Debenhams
Cotton Dress: H&M
Necklace: New Look
Bag: New Look
Boots: New Look

Sometimes you just feel like dressing up a casual, comfy outfit and this little black cape does just that! Around this time of year it's nice to not always wear a coat, especially when going shopping, but you still need a little cover up and capes are perfect for layering and keeping warm. 

I thought I would use purple and burgundy to give a small pop of colour and brighten the outfit up a little (plus I just love plum colours, what can I say!) I was really comfy but still felt put together, using a pretty  necklace and an oversized bag to add statement pieces to the look! 

You can both dress up and dress down this kind of outfit, the Cape has a leather detailing running around the edges and you tie the front into a bow, making you feel put together and feel more flattering as it is tapered in at the waist! This look is perfect for an everyday shopping day or having fun with friends, you could even wear it for an evening out going for a meal or a get together. Just add a few accessories or a pop of colour and believe me it is such a easy casual outfit that looks put together in no time! (sound perfect to me, especially when your in rush!) 

Have you tried a Cape? What are your thoughts? :) 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Drugstore Contour!

Nothing beats a contour and highlight to brighten you up and feel a little sun kissed, even when there is no sun (we can all imagine it is a natural, beach glow right!) Thought I'd do a little post to show you a few of my favourite products which I use to contour and highlight, for an everyday natural look. So let's go and contour ...

Firstly - Sleek Contour Palette (Light) - This is such a beautiful palette and is great for starting your contour and highlighting skills. It has everything you need, bronzer, blush and highlighter and they are all lovely shades. I got the light palette, which is a medium toned palette and is really natural and easy to use, definitely been a drugstore favourite the past couple of months.

Loreal True Match Powder (C7 nut brown) - This product I purchased in the U.S but I'm sure you can purchase this online! I really like using a powder as a contour, I find it super easy to blend and the colour and texture is natural and perfectly matte. I love the true match range so I picked up this product to have a try and love it, but other powders will give the same effect, if they have a shade right for your skin tone (This is a medium brown - so not to dark. Try matching it close to a bronzer you may have used to find the right colour for you!)

Topshop Highlighting Powder (Sunbeam) - I know this isn't really one you can get in a drugstore, but it is so affordable and lasts such a longtime, so I thought it was only right I include it in this post. It is the most lovely golden shade and I use it as a highlight on the cheekbones or even as a eyeshadow or brow highlight! It has a great pigment so a little goes a long way, I use this often and it looks as good as new, even after months of use! Lovely with a tan or if you want a strong highlight!

Real Techniques Contour Brush - I got this brush in the Core Collection brush set and it is perfect! It's a nice tapered brush which is perfect for precision, especially if you want to contour the nose or create really defined cheekbones. Juts use a powder or blending brush to get rid of those harsh lines and your good to go!

A few little tips/suggestions when using these products:


Sweep your chosen bronzer across:

  • Cheekbones (very lightly, add more layers for a more sculpted look!)
  • Temples
  • Jawline
  • Along sides of your nose 

  • Along the top of the cheekbones
  • Onto the bridge of the nose
  • Onto the brow bone
  • On the Cupid's Bow

Have you got any favourite drugstore, contour and highlighting products? Let me know! :)

Monday, 5 January 2015

Oh Avène | Oily Skin

During Christmas, with the colder weather and the none stop eating (now into the new year- still trying to move on from this ha!) let's just say the skin hasn't been a friend of mine and needed all the help it could get!

For the past couple of months I've been trying out these two products here and I've been more than impressed, so I thought it was only fair I share my secret little skincare products with you! Firstly these products are for oily skin and blemish prone and as you probably know this is me - no matter what I do - no matter what the weather, those oils just keep on coming. I don't like my skin to be completely matte but I've been looking for some skincare that will get rid of any excess oil and be a great base for make up and these ticked all the boxes!

Cleanance Gel - This is the bright blue gel cleanser, which I use as a face wash. You just need a tiny amount on your hands and rub them into the skin with a little water and the gel lathers lovely and once it is rinsed off you feel refreshed and your face feels so smooth! (almost like your wearing primer!) it is mattifying, but doesn't make your skin feel dry and throughout the day, with or without makeup my skin doesn't produce half as much oils as it usually does and that is perfect for me!

Cleanance MAT - this is the moisturiser I use after the clenance gel, which is also mattifying but still leaves my skin fresh and moisturised but soaks in super quick and leaves my face feeling soft and matte, perfect for a base for your makeup to go on! I only use this product in the morning and use my origins moisturiser from my previous skincare favourites post! You still need some hydration for your skin especially overnight. You only need a pea sized amount of this product and it goes such a long way, they both last a long time and my skin has never felt better. As oily skin is known to be blemish prone these products are catered to prevent breakouts and they definitely do that! My skin is a lot smoother and I don't get half as many breakouts, which is great especially with this colder weather!

I have been really happy with these two products, I've always hated how oily my skin gets especially when I'm wearing make up and by using these products on a morning I am pretty much shine free for hours and I never have excess oil on my skin! They are definitely my must have skincare products at the moment, I am super impressed!

Have you tried Avène? What's your thoughts? :)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year | Outfit NYE

Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
 Bag: New Look
 Boots: New Look
 Necklace: New Look
 Watch: Radley
 Earrings: Michael Kors

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is 2015 already, but I am super excited to see what this year brings! I thought I'd just do a small post to show you my New Years Eve outfit, and maybe give you a little inspiration for some upcoming events you may have this year. I just went out for a lovely meal, drinks and to see some fireworks to celebrate the new year, I wanted to still feel dressed up but warm at the same time, it's certainly not dress weather yet!

I hope you had such a lovely Christmas and New Year and had a great time spending it with the ones you love!

This year I don't have any specific new year resolutions, I just have a few goals I aim to achieve in my life. I always want to do things or aim towards a goal, but instead of beating myself up about it I just want to spend this year enjoying every second and not worrying to much about if I don't achieve something! Sometimes you just have to take a step back and enjoy every moment in life and be happy with what you do have, then that is when you feel motivated to push yourself further and simply just try your best, in the end that's all you can do and that's the main thing!

I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2015! :)