Big Voluminous Soft Waves

By Mellissa McGrath - 18:51:00

My favourite hairstyle has got to be big bouncy waves, but sometimes you don't have a lot of time to sit and take your time doing your hair. So I thought I'd show you my favourite way to style my hair which is quick, simple and only needs a few products to create this look!

First of all let's just take a minute to talk about the product behind this hair style which I love and would recommend to everyone! The Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves curling wand, it is such a nice curler for long hair like mine, especially if you want the big curls/waves or create a tousled beach look. The longer 34mm barrel makes it easy to wrap your hair around (larger areas for big soft waves, or smaller sections for a slight tighter curl). It is super quick, I section my hair off and wrap sections around the barrel and hold for no longer than 20 seconds, then let the curl unravel into the palm of my hand and drop it slowly which leaves the curl sitting nicely in place. I tend to use smaller sections of hair along the bottom and when I get to the top use larger sections to help it blend together to look big, bouncy and natural. 

The styling products I use are really affordable and ones I always go back to (and trust me I try a lot of hair products!) 
I start with using a few sprays of Batiste Dry Shampoo in the roots of my hair, I feel it adds texture and gives a little lift before I have even styled my hair, I've been using the tropical scent recently, which is lovely and refreshing! 
Then I spray my VO5 Heat Protect spray all over my hair to help prevent damage from the curling wand, I love the nozzle of this product it sprays evenly and doesn't leave your hair feeling damp or full of product. I have used this for a long time now and I am still really happy and keep finding myself going back to it! 
After curling each section of my hair I use Loreal Elnett Satin hairspray to keep the curls in place, it feels weightless and doesn't leave your hair feeling hard or sticky like some hairsprays do, the curl lasts ages and you hair still feels super soft. 

Lastly brushes, my favourite brush ever with probably no surprise has to be my Tangle Teezer it gets all the knots our your hair without any effort before you start styling and you can lightly run it through at the end, to soften the curls. I don't know what I done before this brush, I feel it has helped prevent damage to my hair because it is easy and gentle on any tangles, because I have long hair I used to hate the thought of brushing the tangles out, it was such a chore, but now I could brush my hair all day. Then to add extra volume to the top section of my hair I use Lee Stafford My Big Fat Backcomber (love the name, it got me before I even used the product!). I section my hair off and pull the comb down from the top and gently tease my roots, finishing it with hairspray. This has three combs in one so it has good grip and leaves your hair looking big, bouncy and beautiful!

As you can see only a few products are needed to create this hair style so you can make it super quick and the great thing about this look is, you can wake up the next morning give your hair a little brush and you still have lovely soft natural waves! We all love a hairstyle that lasts a couple of days and this does just that.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have tried any of these products? :)

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