Make-up Favourites Under £5!

By Mellissa McGrath - 18:01:00

Shopping for make-up can get pricey and sometimes we just can't afford those high brands all of time and need to look at other brands at an affordable price! That's why I thought I'd do this post showing you some products I love which are all under £5!!! For such amazing price the quality is extremely good value for money and these products I go back for time and time again.

First up Collection - This brand I have been pleasantly surprised with over the past year and I've tried quite a few of there products,  which I've been really happy with! (including there liquid felt tip eyeliner which I've talked about so much I just couldn't add it to this post as well haha!) Firstly pictured is Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) which is extremely popular and a brilliant concealer! I get number 1,  the lightest so it can be used to highlight the under eyes or cover blemishes, as it has a great coverage which lasts all day! Then you have the Gothic Glam Lipsticks (£2.99) they have 3 colours in this range and I have them all, they are really deep plums and red shades so perfect for autumn and winter, pictured above is 1 - seduction and is actually one of my all time favourite lipsticks which I always go back to, it is a beautiful deep red/plum shade and has a great pigment, it just shows drugstore products can be just as good as high end!

Seventeen - The Miracle Matte Powder (£3.99) is great to wear on it's own for a little coverage and to matte the skin or can be brushed over the top of your foundation, I keep it for everyday use in my makeup bag and is perfect to touch up throughout the day! It is a great drugstore alternative and lasts forever! Seventeen also have great lipsticks and lip glosses you might want to try, a lot of which are bright and colourful for spring and summer or a nice pop of colour to brighten your look!

Rimmel - This is a lovely brand which have some great products for great prices (most just over the £5 mark so I haven't mentioned in this post) but I had to mention there Eyebrow Pencil (£2.99) I know it is super basic but I have used this I'm sure since I started to fill in my brows (and thankfully never looked back since - I swear it looked like I had no eyebrows when I was younger!) I love the shade it comes in,  I get dark brown and it matches perfectly! I normally use a wax and powder but some days I just want a quick fill in and go,  and this comes in super handy! If you need a drugstore alternative or looking for cheaper products to try, check out Rimmel I'm sure you'll find something you love at an affordable price!

Elf - I remember hearing about Elf years ago and checking out the website but never ended up getting anything! But when I was shopping in Florida last year they had a stand at Walmart full of Elf products and I couldn't believe how cheap it was and it was nice to see them in a shop rather than online! So I bought a tonne of stuff and I find some of the products lovely especially for the price! This is the Blush - Twinkle Pink (£3.95) which is a lovely coral shade, it is very powdery and a lot can go on the brush if your not careful but it is a lovely product especially for spring and summer when those coral shades we love come out! I also love the liquid eyeliners and translucent setting powder, check out there website the prices are unbelievable and they have so many products to choose from!

Barry M - When I was planning this post I just had to mention Barry M nail products (£2.99-£3.99) I know the majority of people have tried this brand but I just had to add them to this post, I love the Gelly Hi-Shine range, the one pictured is 348 Plum. The selection of colours are amazing and they are such good quality for a great price!

There are so many great products out there for amazing prices, trust me I could have sat here all day and listed products but sometimes I just need to take it easy and narrow down my favourites, because I wasn't joking when I said I would sit here all day and talk about them! If you spend time looking for dupes or alternative affordable make up it's surprising how they can soon become your favourites!

Do you have a favourite product under £5? Let me hear all about them, it may be another to add to my collection! :)

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