Pop of Pink | Valentines Day Make-up

By Mellissa McGrath - 13:12:00

The sun's been shining the past few days and it feels like spring is on it's way! So I was super excited to a pretty make-up look and since it's Valentines Day this weekend I thought it might give you some inspiration for a make-up look! I went for pretty pink look, which looks super natural and leaves the skin glowing. This was really enjoyable to do since I've been into the darker colours over winter and I can't wait to start bringing some colour back into my life!

Firstly my Face products I used are over on another post I done recently, I have still been sticking to the same products so not much has changed there, just click 'Face' to check it out! I then used a Stila custom colour blush - pink it is such a lovely shade, it looks unbelievably bright, so from just a glance you could easy think oh no! this is not for me, but the great thing about this blush is that it reacts to the wearers skin and creates the perfect shade for you! I love it, I also have the coral  and that is very pretty for the spring/summer season!

Then for my Eyes I started with Maybelline's Colour Tattoo - 70 Metallic Pomegranate cream eye shadow all over the lid, it is a beautiful pink/burgundy shade and looks really pretty on it's own and because it has a 24hr stay it doesn't move or crease all day! So you could put this on in the morning and it will still be perfect by the evening. I then went in with Two Faced Romatic Eye shadow palette using the light pink shade (Kiss the Bride) in the tear duct and blending it along the lid, then using a touch of the deep purple from the same row, (First Dance) in the crease to create a subtle smokey eye, nothing too dramatic. These eye shadows are perfect for a romantic, pretty look and I'm sure they'll be used a lot through spring and summer! I used my favourite Collection Extreme Liquid Felt Tip Liner to create a slight wing along the eye and of course my other favourite Loreal Telescopic Mascara for long natural looking lashes. You could always then add false lashes, but I just kept it simple as you can use it for both a day or night look.

On the Lips I used Lord & Berry Vintage Rose lip liner, it was much deeper than the lipstick but it gives a nice effect when blending them both together. I used MAC's Pink Plaid lipstick which is a beautiful matte light pink which look's lovely on it's own but for this look I decided on a shimmer glossy lip and used Loreal's Glam Shine Gloss in 201 Loyal Wild Rose which blended everything together and made the finishing colour very pretty, which complimented the eye make-up.

I decided to pair this look with floral as the make-up was fun and girly, which you can wear through the day or in the evening! Then some soft waves in the hair which has become my go to hair style recently, you can find out how I do it over on Big Voluminous Soft Waves! I hope this look gave you some inspiration for any upcoming plans you have or even if you don't and just want to try a new look! This year for Valentine's we are just having a nice night in, cooking a lovely meal and watching DVD's (my favourite kind of night!)

I hope you have a lovely Valentine's this weekend, whether it's spending time with a special someone, or having a night in with your loved ones, friends and family!

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  1. you are absolutely stunning, your skin just looks flawless!! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/effyourbeautystandards.html xx

    1. Aww thank you Amy! I love your blog, I'm following you over on Bloglovin, be great if you could follow back :) xx

  2. You are breathtaking!

    God bless,
    Xo, Claire

    1. Thank you Claire :) I'm glad you liked the look! xx