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By Mellissa McGrath - 20:08:00

One thing I love to do on a Sunday is have a pamper day, it gives you a chance to relax and feel all ready and prepared for the week ahead! So I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite products I use to exfoliate, to say goodbye to those pores and give me fresh, smooth skin!

Philosophy - The Microdelivery Peel is one of my favourites if I need a deep exfoliation, I don't use this every week, I switch it up and use it every other. The beauty of this, is it comes with two products, the crystals (in the pot) which you apply first and gently massage over the face, then after 60 seconds you apply a few drops of the activating gel on top. When the two are on the skin together you feel a warm sensation which feels lovely (just like your at a spa), this creates a white foam, you then leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse off. I can't begin to describe how amazing your skin feels after you use this product, it is unbelievably smooth and even, leaving the skin look so much brighter and healthier. It is lovely for a Sunday pamper product and the result you have after you use it,
 is unlike any other exfoliating peel I've tried! 

Origins Clear Improvement - charcoal mask is great for those who want to minimize your pores or prefer a mask rather than a scrub. It is really easy to use, you just open the pores with a moist damp towel then apply the product evenly onto the skin, the mask then drys and begins to tighten the skin, then you just rinse off. I love products that get rid of large pores so I was excited to try this product and I am really happy with the results, if I feel I need a good exfoliate I do use the origins modern friction scrub I recently spoke about (click here too find out more) before I use this, it does feel a little uncomfortable when using them together but the results are great and get rid of any dirt in your pores. (I would suggest not using these type of products if you have any events the next day as you may get a friend or two appear which has been hidden under the skin! and we don't want that if there are pictures to be taken!)

No7 Exfoliating Brush & Sponge - I thought I'd mention these products for those of you who want to exfoliate but don't like scrubs or masks! These products you can just use your normal cleanser and still exfoliate the skin by using these along with it and by just washing them after, they are ready to use again and again. The sponge is rough textured, which you use to massage the cleanser into the skin in circular motions and is a very gentle exfoliate. The exfoliating brush I have been really pleased with, I wanted to try something at a good price which is basic rather than going straight for a Clarisonic and this does such a great job! It has two speeds and the head spins in circular motions, giving your skin a great clean and it isn't harsh like some skincare products. I can use a couple of times a week if i need to as it is gentle and gives your skin that extra clean it sometimes needs!

I am sometimes wary of exfoliating products as my skin can react badly to them and is often sensitive to harsh products so I have been really happy with these products and the results I have got after using them. Since they are something I use most Sundays as part of my pamper routine, I thought I'd share them with you!

Have you got any favourite exfoliating products? Let me know!

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! :)

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  1. Want to try all these!! Xx

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