Mini Egg Chocolate Brownies | Easter Treats

By Mellissa McGrath - 19:16:00

Since it's nearly Easter,  I've been experimenting with different recipes ready to make for the family over Easter weekend! Although this isn't the main thing which Easter represents it is a huge tradition to celebrate with your loved ones. These mini egg chocolate brownies turned out super delicious, so keep reading to find out how I made them and for all you chocolate lovers out there to fall in love with them too...

The recipe I chose was the popular Nigella Lawson Mini Egg Brownie guide, adding a few extra touches of my own. has a great article with the recipe.
-        150g butter
-         300g light brown soft sugar
-        75g cocoa powder
-        150g self-raising flour
-         1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
-         1 pinch salt
-        4 eggs (lightly beaten)
-         1 teaspoon orange extract
-         300g mini eggs (used a 3KG bag available at Culpitt store online)
-         Edible Glue
-         Green Sparkling Sugar

All ready to go in the oven (Preheat to 180C and bake for 25minutes)! I added extra mini eggs to the recipe to make it super chocolatey! They turned out the perfectly gooey, melt in the mouth consistency..

After they cooled it was time to decorate! They already looked amazing but to add to the theme of Easter it seemed only right that some cute and tasty edible decorations were added!

And this is the final result, they looked just as good as they tasted, I was extremely happy with the outcome and the recipe was super easy to follow! (and of course the mini eggs the better)

I hope you enjoyed this Easter recipe and enjoy trying them out for yourselves, they are a treat which you, your friends and family will love! I can't wait to make them again for Easter weekend, they were so straight forward to make and for a big chocolate lover like me, I definitely give them top marks!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend :) x

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  1. These look amazing! Mini eggs are probably the best thing about easter x

    1. They were! I can't wait to make them again :) x