Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spring/Summer Beach Outfit | Fun in Floral!

It's that time of year again! When we put our jumpers to the back of our wardrobe and bring out the fun, colourful summer clothes ready for the sun to make it's appearance! When I was on my recent trip to Portugal I thought I'd do an outfit of the day to hopefully give you some inspiration for the summer. I recently picked up this cute floral playsuit which is really simple but with the detail and pattern can be dressed up or down! Hope you enjoy the pictures, it was a beautiful day for the beach...

I love the detail along the edges of the shorts, waist and neckline, it is a lovely material and super comfy so you can just pop it straight on top of your bikini like I did, it means you can relax but still feel put together to go shopping or for a walk, it is lovely for a night out just add a pair of wedges and you are ready to go!

These ice-creams were incredible! It was so hard to choose but I ended up with two scoops, Oreo and After Eight and they certainly did not disappoint!

Playsuit -New Look
Hat - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - Dorothy Perkins

I love playsuits to take on holiday they are so easy to pop on but look great at the same time and florals just seem to get me every time! The hat is perfect to add to the outfit for a little accessorize and keeps the sun off your head all at the same time. The outfit is pretty and girly, perfect for the Summer and I am so excited to start shopping now that the colourful clothes are back and put together some outfits in the warmer months, especially since coming back from Portugal! 
The sun makes everything better, let's hope we see a lot of it this summer...

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit post! What's your favorite summer item to wear? :)

Monday, 20 April 2015

My Trip to Portugal, Algarve!

Hey again! It feels too long since I last posted, time has been going so quickly lately and so much uni work to do, so little time! After all the craziness that has been going on recently, it was nice to get away for a week to a place I love and to have time to relax and have a little break! I thought I'd share with you some of pictures from my travels to Portugal, Algarve (we stayed in the old town, Albuferia). Here are a few of the apartments and around the old town... 

 This is where we stayed but we were situated across the road in the apartment blocks, known as Cerro Mar Atlantico, they are lovely, modern and clean, we've been here twice now and they are great for a break away, especially at this time of year!

  The hotel has some great facilities, from the gym, tennis, squash and indoor pool and sauna! 

This is a block of the apartments at Cerro Mar Atlantico, they are lovely and spacious so are great for all the family and has it's own separate pool!

 I thought this was amazing, so talented! and in the little pond were the cutest turtles! (I really wanted one!)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, Portugal is a lovely place I would definitely recommend it! Where we stayed was really close to the old town but lovely and quiet through the day, so you get the best of both worlds! Luckily we had great weather the majority of the time and I left feeling so relaxed and ready for my life to get hectic again!
I am really looking forward to posting more frequently and will have some outfit posts from the trip up soon, which will hopefully give you some inspiration for the summer and maybe an upcoming holiday of your own!

It feels good to be back, see you very soon with a new post! :)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Renew your skin! | Philosophy

Spring is here! Which (hopefully!) means better weather is on it's way and the sun will be making an appearance... Luckily the Easter weekend has been lovely weather and has got me really excited to start wearing nice spring/summer colours and putting together pretty outfits! Along with that it also got me thinking about my skin, which I feel needs some moisture and hydration, for once in my life! I've recently spoke about the skincare I've been using which I am still loving but by using so many mattifying products it's all got a bit to much and I need to just change it up! I used to love the hope in a jar range from Philosophy and now that they have brought a new version out I thought I must try it, especially to get that glow and hydration back in my skin for those sunny days...  

Firstly, I loved the packaging it just looks so crisp and fresh, so I was instantly excited to try it (yes, I'm one of those people who always gets excited about the packaging!) One of the main things I realised about the Hope in a jar moisturiser was the substance was much thicker than the original which made me a little unsure at first, as I don't like anything thick on my skin especially cream. But as soon as I applied it, it surprised me and I love the texture much better than the original, it sinks right into the skin, leaving it feeling light and fresh, plus a little goes a long way. I have also been using the Hope in a jar eye because I have to be honest, eye cream is something I am not consistant with and I really want to change that (no more slacking!) I am not one for using eye creams regular and haven't purchased a huge amount, so I can't say I have seen huge benefits or can compare to many other products I've used, but it does leave me feeling awake and refreshed and I'm hoping more changes will become noticeable as I continue to use it.

I must admit I was a little worried when starting to use this with having oily skin because I don't need lots of moisture but I am really happy with how the product works with my skin. I don't feel super oily or shiny and it feels smooth and silky on my skin without any residue. I've been using it everyday for over a week now and my skin looks and feels much better. I definitley think I have been neglecting it with using so many matte products recently but my skin is so much clearer and healthier after using these products, I can actually see a huge difference in such a short time. Another plus side for the product is the smell, it is lovely and so refreshing compared to the original product which I find the smell a little over powering so I am really pleased with this scent.

I have loved Philosophy products for a long time but have been trying other skincare products over the past couple of years. But now they have brought out these products I will definitely be sticking by them, especially through spring and summer! The only downside is I wish it had an SPF, so I didn't have to wear more products on my skin. But overall, it has made me realise no matter what skin type you have it always needs some hydration and Hope in a jar is working it's magic on my skin, ready for those sunny days where you want to wear less or no makeup and still feel great!

Have you used these products? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)