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Just over a week ago now, I attended what will be one of the most memorable days I will have in my life. When I started University three years ago I just wanted to just get my degree and often wished time would go quick and couldn't wait for graduation day to come. During first year, it wasn't what I expected and I found it really difficult! But as time went by and I made amazing friends and accepted that I needed to enjoy my time as a student and make the most of my time at University, I began to stop stressing and start really enjoying my life at University. 

I studied a BA (Hons) in Performance and along with the course came the most talented, greatest people who have made the last three years a time to remember! As time went on I started to really enjoy the whole experience, learn and fall in love with areas of Performance I would have never thought of doing three years ago. I also grew as a person and learnt not to put so much pressure on myself and simply do my best!

When third year came to an end and this day arrived I wanted nothing more than to start those three years all over again, I know time goes quick but I can't believe how quickly the last three years have went. I felt anxious, proud, super excited and sad all at the same time, because although I knew myself and the people around me had done so well and we had been through so much together, I couldn't help but think that I won't be heading to University everyday. I won't be going into rehearsals, laughing and crying from one moment to the next and I simply won't be able to see the faces which have became familiar with me over the next three years, that I now call my friends, everyday...

Although it is sad and everything will change and be different, the last 3 years have been unbelievable and I know we'll keep in touch, after all we're drama students! But most of all...WE DID IT! We put those cloaks and hats on, we collected our scrolls and we threw our hats up in the air and it was the best feeling ever and one which I know I will never forget!

So now I have officially graduated with a First Class Honours in Performance and I couldn't be happier! Of course it feels really strange and come September when I won't be heading back into education for the first time, I'm sure it will definitely hit me then! But I'm excited for what the future holds and I had a perfect day to end my time in education. I finally feel ready to head into the real world, maybe not become an adult yet.. but that will come in time, right?!

Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you to all my family and friends for the support, the memories and the gifts which I will always cherish, I feel so grateful to have so many amazing people in my life!

Well done to everyone who has graduated, as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, it's time to go out there, find yourself and chase those dreams! :)

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  1. Congratulations !
    I wish you the best sweetheart !