Sunday, 30 August 2015

Travel Essentials!

So I thought I'd do a little post this bank holiday weekend to let you know a few of my travel essentials. It may help you with your own holiday check list and my own... because I am currently busy sorting out everything ready for my holiday and I just can't wait!

Aside from the usual toiletries, sun cream and everyday basics I thought I'd fill you in on a few things I find essential to take and what I always look for when travelling somewhere hot...

  • A good waterproof mascara - nothing is worse than mascara running on holiday especially when you're walking around through the day and fancy a little make-up on! This year I've heard great stuff about the waterproof Maybelline Sensational Lash Mascara so I thought I would give it a go!
  • A primer to keep that shine at bay & minimal makeup - on an evening it is still humid and hot, so a primer is essential for my skin, I've been loving the new Revlon Photoready Prime & Anti Shine so this has taking it's place in my makeup bag,  along with Maybellines BB Bronze from my previous blog post! I love easy products which make you feel and look refreshed so these will be perfect to pop on at a night.. (click here if you haven't read it!)
  • A summer fragrance - I love to take a fresh, summer scent away with me which reminds me of holidays and is light, fruity and floral which can remind me of that time whenever I use it again! I always find Escada fragrance perfect for holidays so Born in Paradise is definitely coming with me this year! 
  • Miniature EVERYTHING! - I love buying miniatures to take with me, they are perfect especially for haircare, for things like dry shampoo, hairspray and heat protectant you get the perfect amount! If I can't find a product in mini form I just get a pack of empty small bottles and take some of the product with me, like sea salt spray and oil which I don't need a lot of.
  • Travel light and feel comfortable in your own skin! - I used to take unbelievable amounts of stuff when travelling but I've learnt little is best and you can always get what your missing when your there - or something close! You just need to take what your comfortable in and when it comes to beauty products take as much or as little as you want! There are no rules, just relax and be comfortable in your own skin, that's what makes you feel beautiful and enjoy your time away, no worrying or stressing about how you look just have a GOOD TIME! :)

I hope you are having a great Sunday and a lovely bank holiday weekend, if you are going on holiday anytime soon have a lot of fun and let me know if you have any tips for travelling I would love to hear them for my future travels :)  

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Summer Glow!

When living in the UK it's not always possible to get a natural summer glow unfortunately, so I thought I'd share with you my favourite products to achieve a natural sun-kissed look out of the bottle! 

Firstly let's talk about Garnier's Summer Body...This is a product I have loved for years and always make sure I have one ready for when I need a little colour. What I love about this product is how moisturising it is for the body, which means I can jump out the shower and apply it, whilst keeping me moisturised but creating a natural, gradual tan over time! The smell isn't too bad either but it does still smell a little like false tan and can be a touch sticky when first applied.  (It does come out like a moisturising cream so make sure you spread it evenly to avoid any streaks!) Overall you can't go wrong for the price and it turns you skin a beautiful colour after a few hours and is super easy to use! Definitely my favourite gradual tan...

Next up is the make-up! I'm always up for something quick and easy which makes you look glowing in the summer. So when Maybelline brought out this Dream Bronze BB cream I had to try it! It blends in lovely and gives the perfect bronze shade which looks natural and the coverage is really nice, not too sheer but nothing heavy so perfect for holidays, even better that it has an SPF 25! I will definitely be ditching any other foundations/BB creams I have and taking this on my holiday which is slowly approaching... (I am sooo excited!) Paired perfectly with this BB cream is the Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer which is lovely to brush all over the skin or for a slight contour! It does have a slight shimmer to it but nothing too crazy and the two products together make you look fresh, dewy and definitely sun-kissed!

To achieve a natural summer glow, these products are some of my favourites this year and quick and easy to use! Whilst very affordable and perfect for holidays or a back from holiday look, so if you want a little pick me up and a sun-kissed glow out of a bottle, pick these products up...they won't disappoint!

Have you tried any of the products above, what were your thoughts!?! Comment below and let me know :)

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hydrate & Feel Great This Summer!

Since it's summer and many of us are off on our travels or counting down the days until our holiday, I thought I would share with you a couple of products which are quick and easy to use and great for keeping the skin hydrated this summer, whether you are getting ready to go in the sun or feeling dry after a holiday or simply just needing a little extra hydration!

I know I have oily skin the majority of the time but when I've been on holiday or in the sun, areas tend to get dry and I like to make sure I'm giving my skin a lot of hydration and looking after it for those makeup free hot days (well...not so much in the UK! But we've had a few good days so far)

Ioma Anti-Dryness Mask -  First off let's talk about this mask by Ioma, when I first used it I found it strange as it is a sticky gel formula which you keep on for 10-15 mins then wash off. I'm used to a cream formula for a mosturising mask so this felt strange... but the feel of my skin once I used it was amazing! It has definitely kept any areas of my skin from getting dry (around my nose area is where I normally suffer, with the forehead and chin generally oily) but I think it would work wonders for anyone with really dry skin, it is very cooling and feels like your having a facial which is quick and easy too do! I have to say, it is a little on the pricey side but lasts a very long time and is not something you need to use all of the time, just when you feel like your skin needs a little extra care all year round!

Origins Drink Up Mask - I've spoke about Origins in previous posts, as this is a brand which I love and always works well with my skin! So I had to include the 10 minute mask in this post. I once spoke about the overnight intense mask by Origins which I loved last winter but I converted to this one during the summer months! With it being a ten minute hydration mask it is quick and easy and gives your skin all the moisture in needs in such a short time. It is a creamy formula and great for any skin type, I usually apply this mask after a little exfoliation to calm and soothe the skin and it is lovely, especially during or after a holiday when you have been in the sun.

I have been loving these products so far this summer and will continue to use them going into September, especially when I go on holiday! I think it is really important to sometimes give your skin a little extra hydration once or twice a week no matter what your skin type! Out of the two, I would say you feel more of a benefit when using Ioma Anti-Dryness Mask and will be great for really dry areas of the skin or a dry skin type! I use this when I feel necessary especially after being out in hot weather but I usually go for my Origins 10 minute mask for a quick hydrate twice a week! These are more premium skincare ranges but what I find worth the money, they last a long time and not something you need to use all of the time as they treat your skin and keep you feeling fresh and hydrated for days!

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far, do you have any skincare recommendations you have been loving lately!? :)

Friday, 7 August 2015

Eyebrow Mousse and Heated Curlers! | Blinc

You know when you see some brands that you look a but never seem to purchase anything from, this is what happened with me and Blinc. Everything looked very interesting but a little more pricey than other brands so they just never made it to my beauty bag, until I heard great things and seen some great results about them that just made me snatch these two products in particular up straight away...

Blinc beauty products are all based around the eyes/brows and have a wide range of colours and products to choose from! Here's what I bought and thought of my first Blinc purchases....

 First of all, I got the eyebrow mousse in the colour auburn - which is a medium brown shade and doesn't give off much of a red tone so it was perfect for my hair colour, the dark brown was too dark and the others too light, so this turned out the perfect medium brown shade! I've always stayed clear of eyebrow mousse because of the wand applicator, I like a defined shape and always thought this wouldn't do that for me! But when I tried it I couldn't believe what I had been missing out on!

I use an eyebrow pencil underneath to outline my shape, as my brows are very fair! Then finish filling them in with this product and it covers gaps and scars in the eyebrow, making them look thicker, fuller and the perfect shape. Honestly, first try... I was so impressed! The best thing about this is that it's waterproof and semi-permanent lasting up to three days. Perfect for holidays or if you just don't have time to apply everyday! It is removed by water (probably thinking what?  Semi- permanent, waterproof BUT comes off with water - what? I know!) but all the need to do is get a cotton pad soak it in water and rub the product away and it does take a little while - even use a little eye remover! So it won't come off but just getting them slightly wet without really removing it with a cotton pad. The only little thing I would change would be to make the applicator a little smaller for precision but considering I am not used to this formula it works great for me just,  be careful to not have too much product on the brush and use gentle strokes!

Then we have the heated eyelash curler! First of all I'm one for not using normal eyelash curlers I can never get it right and I am always afraid it's going to nip my eye lid - I can't deal with that! haha. So this was perfect for me and being battery operated means it's going to last you a long time. A light on the back of the product turns from red to yellow to tell you its heated and ready to use and you just brush the comb through your lashes like you would a mascara and the results are incredible! There is a guard so it won't get to hot close to the eye, it just feels like a warm sensation on the lashes. I use it before my mascara and then once applied and the difference it makes to the length of my lashes is crazy! The first time I used it my mascara hit my brow bone and I had to remove the product - that never happens!

I had to do a blog post telling you about these two products, not very often I find products that I can't find faults in and they do just as they say! They are two which I know will be in my makeup bag for a very long time - they are so easy to use and the results have been great and visibly noticeable. Since I have been introduced to Blinc I want to try so much more from there collection, in particular the mascara and ultra thin liner - they look amazing!
Looks like I have a little saving up to do! :)

Have you tried any Blinc products? :)

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Dramatic Lift! | No7

No7 have recently launched a brand new mascara - Dramatic Lift! and just like many new beauty products I couldn't wait to try it! First of all I love the metallic silver packaging which looks simple, stylish and premium but at an affordable price of £10 in Boots stores now...

The mascara aims to give you a wide awake dramatic look and lift lashes by 70% with the help of a  curved styling wand! I haven't tried a lot of mascaras which help curl the lashes so I was intrigued to see the result and how this applied on the lashes! 

 As you can see the mascara definitely lifts the lashes and gives them a curl , making them appear longer and fuller without a cloggy finish. I have to add that this mascara is very natural and although it is build-able I wouldn't recommend applying a lot of layers, as I find the result is better with one or two coats for a natural, fuller finish with the lashes spread out to create that 'wide awake look'...

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this product for an everyday mascara! It is very natural for those of you who like a thick, dramatic look this may not be for you! I prefer a more natural mascara which doesn't clog the lashes and just adds lift and volume clump free so this was great for me! I surprisingly like the curling wand as I'm used to a lengthening comb like Loreal's telescopic and do find it curls the lashes to allow a better lift which lasts all day!

I would definitley say this is the best No7 mascara I have tried, so thumbs up for Dramatic Lift! :)