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By Mellissa McGrath - 21:26:00

No7 have recently launched a brand new mascara - Dramatic Lift! and just like many new beauty products I couldn't wait to try it! First of all I love the metallic silver packaging which looks simple, stylish and premium but at an affordable price of £10 in Boots stores now...

The mascara aims to give you a wide awake dramatic look and lift lashes by 70% with the help of a  curved styling wand! I haven't tried a lot of mascaras which help curl the lashes so I was intrigued to see the result and how this applied on the lashes! 

 As you can see the mascara definitely lifts the lashes and gives them a curl , making them appear longer and fuller without a cloggy finish. I have to add that this mascara is very natural and although it is build-able I wouldn't recommend applying a lot of layers, as I find the result is better with one or two coats for a natural, fuller finish with the lashes spread out to create that 'wide awake look'...

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this product for an everyday mascara! It is very natural for those of you who like a thick, dramatic look this may not be for you! I prefer a more natural mascara which doesn't clog the lashes and just adds lift and volume clump free so this was great for me! I surprisingly like the curling wand as I'm used to a lengthening comb like Loreal's telescopic and do find it curls the lashes to allow a better lift which lasts all day!

I would definitley say this is the best No7 mascara I have tried, so thumbs up for Dramatic Lift! :)

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  1. Aww yeh this would make a really nice day time mascara for when I don't want to look too over the top...I'd probably use this as a base and then build on top with my other mascaras for a night out though...I love the fact that it lifts the lashes as well, I'm always trying to push em up with my other wands but they don't quite seem to do the trick