Travel Essentials!

By Mellissa McGrath - 17:59:00

So I thought I'd do a little post this bank holiday weekend to let you know a few of my travel essentials. It may help you with your own holiday check list and my own... because I am currently busy sorting out everything ready for my holiday and I just can't wait!

Aside from the usual toiletries, sun cream and everyday basics I thought I'd fill you in on a few things I find essential to take and what I always look for when travelling somewhere hot...

  • A good waterproof mascara - nothing is worse than mascara running on holiday especially when you're walking around through the day and fancy a little make-up on! This year I've heard great stuff about the waterproof Maybelline Sensational Lash Mascara so I thought I would give it a go!
  • A primer to keep that shine at bay & minimal makeup - on an evening it is still humid and hot, so a primer is essential for my skin, I've been loving the new Revlon Photoready Prime & Anti Shine so this has taking it's place in my makeup bag,  along with Maybellines BB Bronze from my previous blog post! I love easy products which make you feel and look refreshed so these will be perfect to pop on at a night.. (click here if you haven't read it!)
  • A summer fragrance - I love to take a fresh, summer scent away with me which reminds me of holidays and is light, fruity and floral which can remind me of that time whenever I use it again! I always find Escada fragrance perfect for holidays so Born in Paradise is definitely coming with me this year! 
  • Miniature EVERYTHING! - I love buying miniatures to take with me, they are perfect especially for haircare, for things like dry shampoo, hairspray and heat protectant you get the perfect amount! If I can't find a product in mini form I just get a pack of empty small bottles and take some of the product with me, like sea salt spray and oil which I don't need a lot of.
  • Travel light and feel comfortable in your own skin! - I used to take unbelievable amounts of stuff when travelling but I've learnt little is best and you can always get what your missing when your there - or something close! You just need to take what your comfortable in and when it comes to beauty products take as much or as little as you want! There are no rules, just relax and be comfortable in your own skin, that's what makes you feel beautiful and enjoy your time away, no worrying or stressing about how you look just have a GOOD TIME! :)

I hope you are having a great Sunday and a lovely bank holiday weekend, if you are going on holiday anytime soon have a lot of fun and let me know if you have any tips for travelling I would love to hear them for my future travels :)  

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