I'm Going To Disney World!

By Mellissa Marshall - 18:18:00

Yep, exactly what it says up there! I'm off again to one of my favourite places... Florida! It's not only the Disney side I love but the state itself, from feeling the humidity and getting in the car and blasting the country channel on the radio too driving on those smooth roads, seeing the Disney sign for the first time and experience the magic and seeing the beauty of Florida unfold before my eyes! It sounds so cliche but it does feel like home when I go back, it's just beautiful and I feel so carefree and relaxed when I'm there. Just having the chance to be away from home for a little while and have a break to look at your life and enjoy the opportunities and things you have is a breath of fresh air and sometimes just what you need...

So I thought I would just let you know that I haven't disappeared or vanished for the next couple of weeks I'm just away on my travels, having fun and appreciating every moment I have there! Getting some sun before coming back to the cold autumn/winter months and saying hello to my old friend Mickey Mouse!

I will be capturing a lot of my time there so be prepared for a major Disney and Florida line up of posts when I'm back, when I start I just can't stop! :)

See you soon, but for now I'm off to chase some magic!

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