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By Mellissa Marshall - 20:50:00

I can't begin to explain how relieved and happy I am to share these posts from my holiday to Disney World as for the past few days I actually thought all my photos from the trip had been lost forever (so you can only imagine how I'd been feeling!) but I have them back and ready to show you a small glimpse of the amazing time I had... as always :)

First off I thought I'd start with Magic Kingdom, where I believe the magic lives! It's a must for me to go here on my first day and it still gives me those goosebumps each time I return! It is beautiful, magical and the experience is unlike any other. So here are some photos of the park... (which were very difficult to choose from! I wish I could show you every detail!)

The park is so clean and picturesque! No matter how many times I visit it never fails to take my breath away! 

These guys were so good over in Frontier land! It's all about the little things when you walk around the park which adds to the amazing experience you have!

I loved this parade, the floats and characters were amazing! We just made it before the storm of the day hit :)

Had to get a close up of Ariel - shes my favourite princess! 

This has got to be my favourite park! Just for the simple fact of seeing the beautiful castle every time you walk in! I also love a lot of the rides here, in particular space, splash and thunder mountain those 3 are my all time favourites!  Let's not forget The Little Mermaid ride so I can pretend I'm Ariel and sing every word to my favourite songs as I go around..

But it's not only the rides, shows and characters which make this place so special but the atmosphere and feeling you get whilst walking around the park! From walking into the future and seeing Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland to meeting your favourite princess in Fanatasyland, the thought, themes and detail that go into Disney is unbelievable and it amazes me every time!

I hope you enjoyed my first of many upcoming posts and as they say have a magical day! :)

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