Friday, 30 October 2015

Affordable Conceal & Highlight Palette!

This year everyone has been going crazy about contour and highlighting and I have to admit I have been loving it too! I know you can get separate products to work with to achieve a great look, but sometimes we just want everything in one and when it comes to drugstore products it is very hard to find a palette or cream based products in general, so when I seen Collection brought out this Conceal and Light palette I was excited to say the least...

Firstly for £5.99 the packaging and variety of concealers you get is brilliant I was really impressed! You get four concealers, a highlighter and three corrector shades (green - redness, yellow - brightening, purple - dullness). They aren't very thick so if you are looking for a high coverage these probably aren't the best for you, but you can build them up to a nice medium coverage. If you have fair skin you could also get away with using the darker shades to contour and that way you definitely have everything in one!

It is nice to have the colour correcting shades in there to put underneath the concealer if you have any problems with the skin, these will really help! I generally just use the yellow shade underneath my eyes for added brightness! I have to say, I do prefer a powder form of highlight and contour and get more of a result when using banana powder under the eye area! However this is great to try and see if you like a cream based product, it's at a great price so you don't feel like you are wasting products.

I think this is great for those who are trying highlight and contouring for the first time or have problem areas of the skin they want to hide like redness or dark areas as you can mix the shades to suit you, whilst still look natural! But if you are looking for something high coverage and a stronger highlight you may need something a little heavier and more pigmented!

Collection also have a powder contour kit with a powdered highlight that would pair up perfectly with this! :)

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts! x

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Inside The Movies! | Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hope your having a lovely relaxing Sunday! Today I thought I would share with you my day at Hollywood, exploring the movies - that is Disney's Hollywood Studios of course! It was a really fun day, the weather was a little all over the place but this didn't spoil it for us! This park has some of my favourite rides and shows, keep on scrolling to relive the day with me!

My favourite ride in the park is here Toy story Mania! It is really fun, but remember to get a fast pass there is always a long wait for this one!

This is my favourite show in the park Beauty and the Beast - just like a West End show the talent is amazing, definitely a must see! 

We ate in Pizza Planet - I always love to go here, such a fun little place with realllllyy good pizza!

I chose vegetable pizza - it was yummy! Followed by desert where I chose the peanut butter jelly cupcake, which made it in my Top 5 Disney Sweet Treats blog post! 

Another brilliant show, see some extreme stunts at  Lights Motors, Action! 

Find some amazing sweets, bakery goods and merchandise here I love a little wonder around here! 

Another favourite ride of mine, super scary and I feel like I am going to pass out with nerves beforehand but believe me  it's a good one! 

This is a must have on holiday - I love for me and James to get matching tees, this time was these cute Mr and Mrs Potato Head from the Toy story store! (I even got us to change into them as soon as we bought them haha!)

And here is me trying to look cool with my Disney merchandise on! It's a must have when in the parks - you've got to look the part right!? :)

Its a smaller park then the rest but has some great shows and rides, I just thought I'd give you a small glimpse into what Hollywood Studios has to offer, I love it! I can't wait until they make Star Wars land and Toy Story land, how amazing will that be! Gives me even more reasons why I will need to go back :)

Have you been to this park ? What is your favourite attraction?

Have a great week! :) x

Friday, 23 October 2015

Top 5 Disney Sweet Treats!

Hello again! Hope your having a great week and looking forward to the weekend! Today I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Treats in Disney World! Some don't look as cute as others but believe me these goodies were amazing! 
After visiting Disney a lot now, its safe to say these are some of the best snacks out there! So if your visiting and have a sweet tooth, definitely get your pen and paper at the ready and go on the hunt for these tasty treats...

1. Halloween Mickey Rice Krispie Treats

Top of the list has to be the rice krispie treats, but not any! The mummy in particular is amazing - not only is it filled with gooey marshmellow and rice krispies but covered in smooth white chocolate! They were soooooo good and look so cute too all Halloween themed!
The best place I found these was at Downtown Disney's Candy Cauldron or Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom.

2. Carrot Cake Cookie

This year was the first time I picked one of these up and I wish I could re-track all those years and choose differently! This was unlike anything I have every had - I am a huge fan of carrot cake but in a cookie form - that is what I'm talking about! Soft cake on the outside and stuffed with cream cheese icing it was super soft and tasty! We shared the majority of these snacks as they can get sickly and are on a BIG scale!
I only found these at Hollywood Studios in - The Writers Stop or Sweet Spells!

3. Gaston's Cinnamon Bun

Located at Gaston's Tavern in Magic Kingdom this Cinnamon Bun was hands down the best one I have EVER tasted! I apologize for the not so pretty picture but believe me it is beautiful. We actually shared this between four it was huge! But I definitely could have tried one all by myself if I was hungry! It was warm, soft and oozing with cinnamon and icing - I have had fresh cinnamon buns before but nothing compares to this - please go and get one it'll be all your dreams rolled into one!

We also got the Le Fou's Brew which is a sweet iced apple flavoured drink with a hint of marshmallow and topped with mango foam - again it is unlike anything I've tasted but another must have from Magic Kingdom!

4. Mickey Cookies

Not only am I talking about these cookies above, all of the cookies you find in Disney are so tasty for there own reasons! This year I got the top left with the chocolate and chocolate chips in, again it was HUGE! But soft short bread and covered in chocolate - I think this says it all, yum yum yum! You find these at most bakeries in Disney, they are really popular.

5. Peanut Butter Jelly Cupcakes

I forgot how good this looked! Firstly not only is this slot about this particular cupcake but the majority you find in the parks! I'm not usually a fan of cupcakes but these ones are on another scale - the most unusual flavours, soft sponge cake and thick butter icing - yep don't mind if I do! This one was from Pizza Planet in Hollywood Studios! The peanut butter was just right nothing overpowering and the center contained gooey jelly inside - but I think the picture says it all!

So that was my Top 5 snacks in Disney - the food is amazing here! The variety is endless so if you are looking for something healthy - they have it, savory - they have that! and of course as you can see they cater to those with a sweet tooth - that's for sure! The best thing about these snacks as they are all free using the Disney Dining Plan which I have spoken about in Disney posts not only do you get the amazing table service meals I have posted about but quick service meals and a snack a day which can look like any of these and way way more!
All the perks of this amazing holiday :)

Have you got any favourite Disney treats, what are yours? Let me know - I would love to hear all of them :)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sanaa | Animal Kingdom Lodge

Since staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge last year, I couldn't wait to get back! Although we didn't stay here this time round, it was a must that we went and enjoyed a lovely evening of animal watching and great food! 

We visited Jambo House for breakfast at Boma - which is amazing, best breakfast I have EVER experienced! (it's a must for me when I visit!) This evening we headed to Kidani Village at the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort, to dine at the lovely - Sanaa!

Inside is beautiful - this area of the resort is where the villas are located so the lobby is much smaller than the main hotel over at Jambo, but is just as amazing! It is still unbelievably breathtaking to see the animals walking around the savannah through the windows - and up close!

Sanaa is amazing - it was my favourite place to eat last year so we went back and I was still just as impressed. The design and detail put into the restaurant is so well thought out and very intricate, it is full of culture and makes you feel as if you are actually sitting in the heart of Africa. Whilst looking out the windows to the most amazing animals as you eat your dinner, is not something you get to do often - which makes it so special.

To start we shared the  Indian Style bread, which was a range of different naan breads with lots of dips from mild to spicy - it was so tasty, makes my mouth water thinking about it!

For the main I chose the choice of two curry dishes (butter chicken and spiced lamb) with pilaf rice which was beautiful and the flavours went together perfect!

Last but not least is the amazing dessert - banana cheesecake! I am a huge fan of cheesecake it is definitely my best dessert and when I saw they done banana flavoured this sounded so good I had to give it a try! The flavour was lovely, not too overpowering just a slight hint of banana but what made me love it more was the bed of pistachios which the cheesecake sat on. It was one of the nicest desserts I have ever had, the flavours of the pistachio and banana went perfect and can we please take a moment for the presentation - amazing right?

This is still one of my favourite Disney restaurants, as usual the cast members were fantastic - Disney employees definitely make you feel welcome and well looked after! It is one of my top recommendations if you are visiting, you won't be disappointed! This was included in the Disney Dining Plan which I have talked about in my previous Disney dinner post. along with the majority of every restaurant, anywhere in Disney - so make sure to check that out before your next visit!

Hope you aren't feel too hungry after that mouthwatering post - have a lovely Sunday :)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation | Review

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying out this new foundation by Bourjois! This product caught my eye as soon as it came out - mainly with it being a matte foundation. Firstly the coverage seemed lovely, but not too heavy with a nice blend-able texture, so I thought I'd give it a go, I love finding a nice drugstore affordable foundation!

On first impressions I thought it was very nice! I have the shade 04- beige which is a slight yellow toned foundation, but with some colour or tan on it was a great shade for me. I have tried applying this with both a brush and a damp beauty blender, but do recommend a stippling brush you get a great coverage with very little foundation! Once this makeup is applied it looks flawless, it is definitely a matte finish, but doesn't leave the skin looking thick of foundation or unnatural - I wasn't used to using a matte foundation which gave me these results, generally they are too matte and heavy or still leave a shine, so I was very happy!

For the first couple of hours this foundation looks great! But as the day goes on you do find this wears off quite a bit! Considering it is meant to last 24 hours - I can't say this lasted well on my skin. In areas which produce more oil- chin, nose and forehead, it did seem to wear off quite a bit leaving it looking a little patchy in areas! This is such a shame because I love the texture and finish when I first apply this foundation but after using it for a little while now and trying a lot of different ways - primer, no primer and setting powder etc. It still doesn't seem to last!

I think it will be great for those who don't have very oily skin or specifically want a long lasting foundation! I will definitely use it for when I only want to wear make-up for a few hours but for a full day look and evening wear it unfortunately doesn't work for me!

Have you tried the Air Mat Foundation yet? What are your thoughts? :)

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Exploring The World | Disney's EPCOT!

Epcot has always been one of my favourite Disney parks, not for the attractions or the characters but simply the beauty that it represents. The thought and detail goes into every aspect in Disney and this park shows just that, from the incredible globe to walking around each section of the lands, you feel like you are in a different world! 

Today I thought I would share with you some of my memories from a day in Epcot and hopefully you can capture a small glimpse of how amazing it is just through some pictures... 

I had a post about this on my blog last year on my favourite bakery goods in Disney, it is AMAZING! Everything covered in Werthers Original Caramel! Check it out here

We ate in Japan - I had a chicken cutlet curry it was delicious! You can pick up tasty snacks and meals in each country - from a crepe in France to fish and chips in the UK - it caters for everyone!

It was a lovely day walking around the park and there are also some fantastic rides here - including Soarin' and Test Track which are my favourites!

So I hope you enjoyed looking into a day in another Disney Park - many people don't realise but Disney isn't all about the movies, characters and rides but just as much about the atmosphere, experience and sights you see along the way!

Look out for more upcoming posts - once I start I really can't stop! :)

Have a lovely week - see you soon...