Affordable Conceal & Highlight Palette!

By Mellissa Marshall - 13:18:00

This year everyone has been going crazy about contour and highlighting and I have to admit I have been loving it too! I know you can get separate products to work with to achieve a great look, but sometimes we just want everything in one and when it comes to drugstore products it is very hard to find a palette or cream based products in general, so when I seen Collection brought out this Conceal and Light palette I was excited to say the least...

Firstly for £5.99 the packaging and variety of concealers you get is brilliant I was really impressed! You get four concealers, a highlighter and three corrector shades (green - redness, yellow - brightening, purple - dullness). They aren't very thick so if you are looking for a high coverage these probably aren't the best for you, but you can build them up to a nice medium coverage. If you have fair skin you could also get away with using the darker shades to contour and that way you definitely have everything in one!

It is nice to have the colour correcting shades in there to put underneath the concealer if you have any problems with the skin, these will really help! I generally just use the yellow shade underneath my eyes for added brightness! I have to say, I do prefer a powder form of highlight and contour and get more of a result when using banana powder under the eye area! However this is great to try and see if you like a cream based product, it's at a great price so you don't feel like you are wasting products.

I think this is great for those who are trying highlight and contouring for the first time or have problem areas of the skin they want to hide like redness or dark areas as you can mix the shades to suit you, whilst still look natural! But if you are looking for something high coverage and a stronger highlight you may need something a little heavier and more pigmented!

Collection also have a powder contour kit with a powdered highlight that would pair up perfectly with this! :)

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts! x

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