Exploring The World | Disney's EPCOT!

By Mellissa McGrath - 18:47:00

Epcot has always been one of my favourite Disney parks, not for the attractions or the characters but simply the beauty that it represents. The thought and detail goes into every aspect in Disney and this park shows just that, from the incredible globe to walking around each section of the lands, you feel like you are in a different world! 

Today I thought I would share with you some of my memories from a day in Epcot and hopefully you can capture a small glimpse of how amazing it is just through some pictures... 

I had a post about this on my blog last year on my favourite bakery goods in Disney, it is AMAZING! Everything covered in Werthers Original Caramel! Check it out here

We ate in Japan - I had a chicken cutlet curry it was delicious! You can pick up tasty snacks and meals in each country - from a crepe in France to fish and chips in the UK - it caters for everyone!

It was a lovely day walking around the park and there are also some fantastic rides here - including Soarin' and Test Track which are my favourites!

So I hope you enjoyed looking into a day in another Disney Park - many people don't realise but Disney isn't all about the movies, characters and rides but just as much about the atmosphere, experience and sights you see along the way!

Look out for more upcoming posts - once I start I really can't stop! :)

Have a lovely week - see you soon...

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I've never been to the EPCOT park, but it looks awesome. :)


    1. It is brilliant, definitely go if you have the opportunity - I love it! :)