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By Mellissa McGrath - 19:41:00

Hope your having a lovely relaxing Sunday! Today I thought I would share with you my day at Hollywood, exploring the movies - that is Disney's Hollywood Studios of course! It was a really fun day, the weather was a little all over the place but this didn't spoil it for us! This park has some of my favourite rides and shows, keep on scrolling to relive the day with me!

My favourite ride in the park is here Toy story Mania! It is really fun, but remember to get a fast pass there is always a long wait for this one!

This is my favourite show in the park Beauty and the Beast - just like a West End show the talent is amazing, definitely a must see! 

We ate in Pizza Planet - I always love to go here, such a fun little place with realllllyy good pizza!

I chose vegetable pizza - it was yummy! Followed by desert where I chose the peanut butter jelly cupcake, which made it in my Top 5 Disney Sweet Treats blog post! 

Another brilliant show, see some extreme stunts at  Lights Motors, Action! 

Find some amazing sweets, bakery goods and merchandise here I love a little wonder around here! 

Another favourite ride of mine, super scary and I feel like I am going to pass out with nerves beforehand but believe me  it's a good one! 

This is a must have on holiday - I love for me and James to get matching tees, this time was these cute Mr and Mrs Potato Head from the Toy story store! (I even got us to change into them as soon as we bought them haha!)

And here is me trying to look cool with my Disney merchandise on! It's a must have when in the parks - you've got to look the part right!? :)

Its a smaller park then the rest but has some great shows and rides, I just thought I'd give you a small glimpse into what Hollywood Studios has to offer, I love it! I can't wait until they make Star Wars land and Toy Story land, how amazing will that be! Gives me even more reasons why I will need to go back :)

Have you been to this park ? What is your favourite attraction?

Have a great week! :) x

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