Sunday, 29 November 2015

Facial Oil for Oily Skin?

When it comes to facial oil it's a product I have always stayed clear of! Having oily skin the thought of adding extra oil seemed ridiculous - I didn't need any extra oil and no matter what anyone said I couldn't bring myself to try it. That was until recently...

I have heard from a lot of people that using oil on oily skin is actually really good for the skin as it evens out the oils in the skin and having seen a lot of good things about this No7 Youthful Facial Oil -  I stopped the assumptions and decided to just give it a go and find out for myself.

I have been using this in two different ways - (1) mixed in with my moisturiser and spreading it across the face and down the neck or (2) using it instead of a serum at night then applying a small amount of moisturiser on the top. I do prefer mixing it with my moisturiser, you only need a tiny amount which makes your skin care last much longer and although at first I looked shiny and greasy and started having doubts, within a few minutes this product sinks right into the skin!
I probably would only use oil on an evening so it sinks into the skin through the night and you feel lovely and pampered the next day and stick to serum and moisturiser in the morning! When you wake up after using the oil your skin feels so soft and hydrated you don't feel the need to even apply makeup - my skin has felt the best ever during the winter so far!

Now I have used facial oil it is definitely a must for my skincare routine! It just shows you shouldn't be scared of oily products when having oily skin sometimes you just have to try them out and you will be pleasently surprised - I wish I did that sooner!

I love this No7 Oil - soaks into the skin super quick and doesn't leave a greasy feel afterwards.

Have you tried it? Let me know your thoughts on facial oils! :)

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Khaki & Suede | Autumn Fashion

It's my favourite time of year, leaves falling off the trees, dark nights, layering and wearing dark colours - nothing makes me happier! But looking at my recent blog posts I realised I've had no fashion or outfit posts up in a while! So it was a must to show you a few of my favourite fashion pieces so far this winter/autumn ...

I got a few of these pieces for my birthday and couldn't wait to wear them!

First off let's talk about this cardigan! I LOVE it - not only is it a lovely khaki colour which goes with everything and is perfect for this time of year, but you can wear it multiple ways. (1) Have it clipped to the side with a little gold clip which leaves the top open and falls nicely and looking flattering as it is fitted around the waist (left pic) (2) As above, button and clip it across, it is really warm and looks a little like a turtle neck/cape (middle pic) or (3) Leave it open (see below) and it hangs in a waterfall style! 

It's like three cardigans in one - such a great idea and I haven't came across a lot of these either!

These boots are lovely, suede and very comfy. They are quite high but with the platform you get  a lot of support and they are super comfortable - plus I just love this colour!

I love a nice statement bag, so this was perfect for me for over the winter months, the neutral colours go with everything and I love the tassels - easy to wear and it fits a lot in (perfect when shopping), I have definitely been getting my wear out of this!

& nothing beats a cute slogan jumper to finish an outfit! 

Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Jumper - GAP
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - New Look

I have been loving the winter trends this year, so many tassels, suede and those dark rich colours - I just want to pick up everything in the shops! Needless to say I have purchased a few treats over the past few weeks - a girl has to treat herself too when Christmas shopping right??

I can't wait to get started on a few more fashion and festive posts this winter, it actually started snowing this weekend AND the Coca-cola advert was on, this means Christmas has definitely started and I couldn't be more excited - so watch this space! :)

Hope you are a having a lovely weekend before another busy week on the lead up too Christmas! :)

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Billion Dollar Brows | Universal Pencil

I have recently been using a new brow product - Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil and thought I would share with you what I think, because everyone wants billion dollar brows - right!

This is a universal pencil, which means it goes with most hair and skin tones. It is retractable and soft so it is really easy to apply and take off, along with a small spoolie brush on the end to get that perfect, natural shape.

First off it is very easy to apply, almost too easy! As the point is so soft you have to be very gentle, you could use a lot of product at a time. It does blend very nice, the application and the brush on the end make it super easy to get a nice natural shape and it is very fast and simple to use. I have also used it on fair skin with blonde hair to see if it really works on different hair/skin tones with it simply looking like brown pencil and is the right colour for me, but it worked perfectly, it turned to a light brown natural shade! I was really impressed, it definitely does what it is known for...

Overall it is a really nice product, very easy to use and a lovely natural shape, the only downside is...  it is very soft, so not very long lasting and you do seem to use quite a lot of the product so you need to be really careful, as it is a little more pricey than other brow products so you don't want to have to keep repurchasing them. However, it is very good if are stuck for what colour to buy or if no colour suits your skin tone and want something quick and easy, with it having everything in one - I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

Have you tried any products from billion dollar brow? :)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Florida Keys | Disney's Old Key West Style!

Hello :) Hope you are having a lovely relaxing Sunday, just like me! Today I have another Disney blog post for you! This time showing you the resort I stayed at this year - Disney's Old Key West, a beautiful resort inspired by the Florida Keys!

I have stayed here before so I knew it was a lovely resort, with a brilliant theme and beautiful views - but this time we decided to stay in a one bedroom villa which was even better than I imagined, beautiful and spacious with a balcony, large living room/kitchen, laundry room, two bathrooms and a large double room! We didn't need to use all of the facilities with having the Dining plan but it was brilliant if you wanted to eat in, we had breakfast some mornings in the villa - which was lovely to have that option! 

We were building 63 - this was just across the road from the hospitality house, just as you enter the resort - brilliant location near everything, which is important as this resort is huge - so it can take a while to get around!

The villa was like a lovely little beach house, very spacious, clean and modern :) 

The sofas turn into bed's which were huge - this means the villa can sleep up too 5 people and they are super comfy! 

We had a laundry room which led too two bathrooms, one even had a huge jacuzzi bath!

This is one of the bus transportations to Hollywood Studios - you get free transport to any of the Disney parks when staying in Disney and they come all day long, which is great to have if you don't have a car! 

Olivia's is really good for food - very chilled with a beach house vibe, this restaurant doesn't look fancy but the food is amazing!

The pool is lovely, I loved a late night dip after a long day in the parks - through the day they have pool parties  and games which we had a lot of fun at during our holiday! 

This is the main pool, you can also find numerous small quiet pools, spaced out around the resort and the lovely turtle shack which is a larger pool with a pool bar - we loved going there also!

This is the dock you pick up the boat to Downtown just outside Olivia's - this was at the end of the day and as you can see a daily Florida storm is on it's way!

This is the boat to Downtown Disney - this resort is brilliant for location - near the parks and you even have the option to take the boat to Downtown. 

So there you have it, a small photo tour of my stay at Disney's Old Key West Resort! It was a lovely holiday and I loved the villa - Animal Kingdom Lodge still stole my heart but for the location, room and chilled spacious resort - I love it here! All of Disney's resorts have a unique theme and you love them each for a different reason - so no matter where you choose too stay - I know if it is Disney you certainly won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately that's all for my Disney posts (this is sad, I love reliving the memories!) but I had the most amazing holiday, I loved capturing some of my favourite moments and creating these little posts to share with you all! For now I don't have any Disney plans for the near future, but I know one day I will be back... you can't keep me away from the magic for long!

I hope you enjoyed reading these posts from my travels, now it's time to add a little Christmas magic to my page, it's my favourite time of year so keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming festive posts!

& as they say in Disney, have a magical day...

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Products I Have Grown To Love!

Have you ever tried some products which just don't agree or work well for you, but when you go back to them you suddenly fall in love with them? Well this is exactly what happened to me, read more to find out how these beauty products won me over...

Purity (Philosophy) - I tried this product a few years ago but completely used it the wrong way, I used to apply this to dry skin rub it in a little then remove with water and didn't find it gave my skin a good wash. However, I recently heard how amazing it was to remove make-up so thought I would give it another go. This is when I realised I had been using it the wrong way. I now apply to damp skin and massage in adding water to create a slight foam and because this is a 3 in 1 cleanser, it removes eye make-up and is really gentle on the skin! This means I can simply jump in the shower and massage the product into my skin and eyelashes and you can feel it melt the make-up away!

It has cut my skincare routine in half, I only have to remove my make-up with one product and it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, I can't believe I have missed out all these years, it is definitely a skincare product that I will keep having to purchase...I love it!

Double Wear (Estee Lauder) - I remember for my 18th birthday I first used this, I really wanted something that would stay on all night and look good for photos and cover well! But I found it didn't work well for oily skin, surprisingly I still had a lot of shine and looking back the colour just wasn't right for my skin and I remember throwing away half the bottle. This put me off trying the product but recently I purchased it again, wanting to give it another try because it has a lot of great reviews!

I picked a good colour match this time around and tried using little, as I've now found little goes a long way and I don't like the feeling of wearing a lot of make-up! I apply the product very sparsely starting in the middle of face and blending it out with a stippled brush. This time around it looked flawless, matte and natural as I use the smallest amount, but it lasts lovely on the skin and doesn't feel thick! The main thing for me was shine and oil, my make-up stays in place on an evening out all night which I am super happy with - it's not something I will wear all the time just on an occasion or evening out but I have grown up to fall in love with this make-up!

One Step Corrector (Stila) - I've used quite a few products from Stila which I've been really happy with. For primers I always go for a mattifying shine free product, so when I tried this a couple of years ago - I just wasn't impressed it felt oily on the skin and my foundation just didn't sit well on top! But seeing it sell out everywhere and how popular it is I always wondered was I doing something wrong - the answer is yes, yes I was!

This time round I actually paid attention to what the product was supposed to do and that is colour correct, when I apply this onto the skin I leave it for a couple of minutes to let it set (which I wasn't doing before) my skin does get a little red when I apply but after letting it set my skin tone is even and feels amazing! It definitely does at it says on the tube. Don't get me wrong I love something mattifying but on the days where I don't want to wear make-up or very little I apply this and it makes my skin look great without any foundation - it gets rid of any redness or darker areas and I feel confident and refreshed to go out and conquer my day without an inch of make-up on! If you have any colour or pigmentation problems with your skin definitely give this a go- it just shows to give products a chance before judging them!

I can't believe after trying these products years ago and thinking I wouldn't purchase them again - I am posting this and they have become favourites of mine! It has definitely made me realise sometimes you just need to give products a chance, make sure you use them correctly and don't judge before you give them a good try! These are now going to be staples in my beauty bag for a long time...

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts! :)

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dining At Disney's Epcot!

 Hello everyone, here's another Sunday post! It's another Disney post and one of the last ones (which is extremely sad) , I have loved looked through my thousands of photos and remembering all the amazing moments I had on this holiday! Today I thought I would share with you a couple of my favourite places to dine at Disney's Epcot park - probably the best park to dine at, so many options and types of food its unbelievable (I wish they home delivered - that would be great!) Some of the best food I have EVER tasted has been in this park...

Firstly here's a look at Rose and Crown situated in the UK. which is always super busy and has great food! We've ate here once before so thought we would go again- normally we would eat somewhere different but having tried a lot of places now, this is still one of the best! The atmosphere is brilliant with live music inside and great views over the lake, definitely feels like a traditional British pub.
I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala - loads of chicken and really tasty! (Have to say the fish and chips and cottage pie looked really good also!)

 Me and James ordered these deserts (top) Banoffee Tart and (bottom) Jaffa cakes! I loved the sound of both of these but although they look amazing and the detail is excellent they were a little too rich for me when I tried them! 

We sat outside just in time for the illuminations fireworks which is showcased on the lake, we had the perfect seats in the house and it was an amazing moment! Definitely recommend trying to get seats outside in time for the show.

We also dined at Coral Reef one night, which is at the start of the park near Finding Nemo, this had great reviews and we loved the idea of dining with a beautiful aquarium right next to us!

I ordered the NY strip steak, I'm not a huge lover of seafood, so decided to go with this choice and I'm glad I did, one of the best steaks of the holiday! With cheese and chive mash and green beans it was full of flavour - I loved it!

Here is probably THE best desert of the holiday - turtle pecan cheesecake, cheesecake on the outside and caramel and pecans on the inside, the pictures say it all - simply amazing!

 You could see fish, turtles, stingrays and more! Swimming around a beautiful aquarium, the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed and food even better, definitely one of my favourite restaurants, if you have the chance - don't miss it! :) 

There are so many places to dine at Epcot, having restaurants all around the world you can choose from a Chinese, to Mexican or even French food if you fancy - the options are endless! Having visited many times now, the above are a couple of my favourites in the park!
Oh, how I miss all this amazing food!

Have you got any favourite restaurants you visit at Epcot? Let me know and when I next visit I would love to try them! :)