Products I Have Grown To Love!

By Mellissa Marshall - 13:41:00

Have you ever tried some products which just don't agree or work well for you, but when you go back to them you suddenly fall in love with them? Well this is exactly what happened to me, read more to find out how these beauty products won me over...

Purity (Philosophy) - I tried this product a few years ago but completely used it the wrong way, I used to apply this to dry skin rub it in a little then remove with water and didn't find it gave my skin a good wash. However, I recently heard how amazing it was to remove make-up so thought I would give it another go. This is when I realised I had been using it the wrong way. I now apply to damp skin and massage in adding water to create a slight foam and because this is a 3 in 1 cleanser, it removes eye make-up and is really gentle on the skin! This means I can simply jump in the shower and massage the product into my skin and eyelashes and you can feel it melt the make-up away!

It has cut my skincare routine in half, I only have to remove my make-up with one product and it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, I can't believe I have missed out all these years, it is definitely a skincare product that I will keep having to purchase...I love it!

Double Wear (Estee Lauder) - I remember for my 18th birthday I first used this, I really wanted something that would stay on all night and look good for photos and cover well! But I found it didn't work well for oily skin, surprisingly I still had a lot of shine and looking back the colour just wasn't right for my skin and I remember throwing away half the bottle. This put me off trying the product but recently I purchased it again, wanting to give it another try because it has a lot of great reviews!

I picked a good colour match this time around and tried using little, as I've now found little goes a long way and I don't like the feeling of wearing a lot of make-up! I apply the product very sparsely starting in the middle of face and blending it out with a stippled brush. This time around it looked flawless, matte and natural as I use the smallest amount, but it lasts lovely on the skin and doesn't feel thick! The main thing for me was shine and oil, my make-up stays in place on an evening out all night which I am super happy with - it's not something I will wear all the time just on an occasion or evening out but I have grown up to fall in love with this make-up!

One Step Corrector (Stila) - I've used quite a few products from Stila which I've been really happy with. For primers I always go for a mattifying shine free product, so when I tried this a couple of years ago - I just wasn't impressed it felt oily on the skin and my foundation just didn't sit well on top! But seeing it sell out everywhere and how popular it is I always wondered was I doing something wrong - the answer is yes, yes I was!

This time round I actually paid attention to what the product was supposed to do and that is colour correct, when I apply this onto the skin I leave it for a couple of minutes to let it set (which I wasn't doing before) my skin does get a little red when I apply but after letting it set my skin tone is even and feels amazing! It definitely does at it says on the tube. Don't get me wrong I love something mattifying but on the days where I don't want to wear make-up or very little I apply this and it makes my skin look great without any foundation - it gets rid of any redness or darker areas and I feel confident and refreshed to go out and conquer my day without an inch of make-up on! If you have any colour or pigmentation problems with your skin definitely give this a go- it just shows to give products a chance before judging them!

I can't believe after trying these products years ago and thinking I wouldn't purchase them again - I am posting this and they have become favourites of mine! It has definitely made me realise sometimes you just need to give products a chance, make sure you use them correctly and don't judge before you give them a good try! These are now going to be staples in my beauty bag for a long time...

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts! :)

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  1. That philosophy product sounds amaze!

    1. It is! I would recommend it to everyone, so quick and easy to use :) x