The Perfect Christmas Evening!

By Mellissa McGrath - 20:24:00

When those dark nights creep in, the weather gets colder and Christmas tree is up there is nowhere I would rather be than at home surrounded by the decorations, candles and twinkle lights enjoying my favourite Christmas movies and treats!

This is what my perfect Christmas cosy night in looks like...

Nothing beats decorated iced butter biscuits - takes me back to my childhood! Especially when the icing isn't set ...AMAZING!

I love how cosy my house feels at Christmas, I could hibernate here all winter. This is our Disney tree of the world, the majority of decorations are from Disney World the rest are from all over the world that we've received as gifts or picked up on our travels.

What better way to wash down those biscuits than a nice hot chocolate - I use Options Mint Choc with mini marshmallows on top :) 

I can't recommend this WoodWick candle enough! It is AMAZING - it has four wicks and crackles as it burns, just like a fire place - plus the Cinnamon scent makes the room smell amazing as soon as it is lit! We've burnt it for hours and it has still hardly went down! If you see these you must get one!!!!!

The Grinch - My favourite! 

What better way to get in the spirit than a Christmas hat in my little grotto! 

So there is is my perfect Christmas night with a few of my favourite things! I'm hoping this run up to Christmas slows down I need many more nights like these and it is only TWO WEEKS today until Christmas day... where has the time gone!

I hope you are enjoying the festive season and are enjoying lots of nights like these! Because before we know it Santa will be on his way....

What are your favourite things to do on your perfect Christmas night in? :)

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