Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Brightening Those Under Eyes! | NYX

Today I'm back with a review of a brand I have been loving recently and can't wait to try more products, NYX! For such a good price the products are really good quality and today I want to share with you their dark circle corrector concealer. Nothing beats a product to help you get rid of that darkness and brighten up the eyes making you look fresh faced and glowing.. 

The packaging is great for such affordable products! 
I got the shade 02 - light.

The concealer is an orange shade to banish those dark areas and brighten all around the eye, as you can see below on the left is when I used the product and the right before and you can see a huge difference, giving more colour and brightening the area perfectly. The only downside was that it did crease a little so make sure to add a little at a time and blend well!

Overall, I was pretty impressed. I don't have a huge problem with dark circles as you can see but I do like a product to even the skin tone and brighten the eye area to make me look fresh and wide awake! This definitely worked for that, it is a good coverage so for those of you with a darker eye area, it should work great for you!

From the products I have tried so far by NYX I am really impressed and I'm so excited that it is coming to Boots, Newcastle in May! I'll definitely be purchasing a lot more products once I get to see the colours up close and personal - definitely a brand to look out for!

Have you tried any NYX products? What are your favourites :)?

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter | 100th Blog Post!

Happy Easter, I hope you've had a lovely morning so far! 
I always love the way it feels at Easter, the weather getting brighter, the night's getting lighter and spring is on it's way! Easter Sunday is always so lovely and chilled, time to spend time with the family, eat food and lots of chocolate and appreciate time together without thinking what needs to be done! 

Today I woke up and I can't wait for spring and summer! The day's becoming lighter and longer and enjoying the outdoors (as well as the shopping, I can't wait to shop for some colour!) it's just an all round good feeling.

But apart from that I realised today is my 100th blog post! I can't believe it, time has flown since I created this little space on the internet and I love it! My blog is my creative little space where I love to talk about products I am trying and have fell in love with, my little adventures and just some of the things I am getting up to in my life - it's always nice to look back and remember those things. Although sometimes life gets in the way and I wish I could blog a lot more, I always love that time of day where I open my laptop and type away in a little world of my own. Plus, there is no better feeling then someone saying they have read a post and related or enjoyed it and tried the product for themselves. 

I can't wait to share with you some more of my memories and thoughts this year on my page and I can't thank you enough to whoever enjoys or finds time to read my posts! Here's to the next 100 - I hope you enjoy coming along with me and following my life...as Lissy :)


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hello Dublin!

 Hello, I hope your having a lovely weekend! Last weekend I went to Dublin so I thought I would share with you a few of pictures I captured of my time there - it was such a wonderful place!
We went to the Country 2 Country festival which was my Christmas present off James and I couldn't wait for it - I have wanted to go to it for so long but that's a post just in itself (so I'll leave that for later) - but along with all that excitement I fell in love with this city! Along with the beautiful sights and buildings,  the cute, quirky bars and the love for music - it was definitely my kind of place that's for sure, I will certainly be visiting again.

I hope you enjoy my small little recap of Dublin...

I would recommend visiting Dublin to anyone, it was such a lovely chilled out place, perfect for a weekend away - especially if you love music and little bars and cafes! Our little traditional hotel was perfect and in a great location and the food and sights were amazing! It would have been great to spend St.Patrick's Day here,  I imagine it'd be a blast.

I have a couple of posts lined up of this weekend including the C2C festival - I can't thank James enough for making this possible - best gift ever!

Watch this space especially if your a country music lover like me, it'll be right up your street!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Easy Nude Eyes! | Bourjois

Don't get me wrong I love eye shadow palettes, with loads of colour to try and experiment new make-up looks but sometimes I just want something straight forward, compact with the perfect shades to pick up and use in the morning - especially to travel or take overnight!

I recently picked up this Bourjois eye shadow quad,as I've been trying to find the perfect nude shades to carry with me, as I've got lots of trips coming up and let's face it I'd love to take all my make-up but sometimes we just have to be realistic!

These Bourjois quads come in a few shades from pinks to greens and greys - but I thought I'd go with the nudes, so it will go with everything and I can just change up my lip colour if I want a different look! I have found with small compact eye shadows you can never find the right shades, with that right amount of shimmer and matte plus a high pigment of colour so when I found this I was pretty impressed with the super shimmer highlight shade in the centre, then the beautiful different tones of brown to create a smokey eye - so you can easy go from a day time look to a night time!

These shadows are also great for beginners wanting to try a smoky eye, starting with the lightest shade and working your way to the dark brown in the crease - they are great to blend and using this shade means you can try it out before moving on to colour!

I am away to Dublin this weekend to the C2C country to country festival which I can not wait for, I have wanted to go for ages and the line up is amazing all my favourite country artists under one roof for the entire weekend - honestly, I can't contain my excitement!

I will be wearing this palette alot while I'm there as it is the only one I am taking, so look out for my blog post of my weekend away to see my overall looks, using this product! I will definitley be purchasing more shades.

What is your favourite product to achieve an easy nude eye? :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Getting That Turbo Tan! | UTAN

Sorry I never got a post up this past weekend, life has been very busy at the minute - I feel like the days just merge into one! But today I thought I would share with you a little life saver I have recently found, which has been perfect to give me a tan, quick and easy especially when you feel like you have no time but want a pick me up! 

I recently discovered this Turbo Tan by UTAN - I had seen this brand before but never really looked to purchase it - that was until I saw this is a 40 minute tanning lotion! The product states that you apply and leave for 40 minutes, shower it off and it will continue to develop. I was a little apprehensive at first to see how this would work, but as I am all for those quick, easy products I had to give it a try!

First off I want to point out I did purchase dark as I like a deeper tan and something which will go on evenly but last a while and give a good colour. However, WARNING: Don't plan on leaving the house in the 40 minutes this tan is on and developing! I was surprised and nervous at how dark this tan actually was but as it comes out a deep colour you can easily apply and see where you are putting it to avoid leaving those dreaded patches on the skin!
The first thing that I noticed when applying was the smell, it was actually really nice - not like the usual fake tan smell and when it was on the skin it continued to have a nice smell which I have never found in a tan product. I normally leave this around an hour then jump in the shower and rinse it off and although it is very dark it does rinse out and leave you with a nice even and bronzed tan, dark enough that you can leave it at one coat! I would say the colour that you have on your skin when you rinse is the colour you are left with, I haven't noticed a huge difference in the developing hours later but the colours is great just the way it is!

I was really impressed with how this product works, I can put it on in the morning, make breakfast then go back and wash it off and you have a beautiful tan in such a short time! The only downside was after a few days when the tan starts fading it doesn't fade as easy as the St.Tropez and you do need to make sure you give yourself a good scrub to remove the remaining product!

All in all it is definitely a product I recommend and can't believe I didn't find it sooner, for all you tan lovers out there wanting something quick and easy - try this, I'm sure you'll be blown away just like I was!

It certainly is a turbo tan...