Hello Dublin!

By Mellissa McGrath - 08:59:00

 Hello, I hope your having a lovely weekend! Last weekend I went to Dublin so I thought I would share with you a few of pictures I captured of my time there - it was such a wonderful place!
We went to the Country 2 Country festival which was my Christmas present off James and I couldn't wait for it - I have wanted to go to it for so long but that's a post just in itself (so I'll leave that for later) - but along with all that excitement I fell in love with this city! Along with the beautiful sights and buildings,  the cute, quirky bars and the love for music - it was definitely my kind of place that's for sure, I will certainly be visiting again.

I hope you enjoy my small little recap of Dublin...

I would recommend visiting Dublin to anyone, it was such a lovely chilled out place, perfect for a weekend away - especially if you love music and little bars and cafes! Our little traditional hotel was perfect and in a great location and the food and sights were amazing! It would have been great to spend St.Patrick's Day here,  I imagine it'd be a blast.

I have a couple of posts lined up of this weekend including the C2C festival - I can't thank James enough for making this possible - best gift ever!

Watch this space especially if your a country music lover like me, it'll be right up your street!

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