Sunday, 24 April 2016

Revlon All-In-One Mascara | Review

Today I thought I'd share with you a new mascara I have been trying recently by Revlon, I feel like there has been so much discussion on the new Revlon mascara range that I had to give one a go and this one in particular - as you will see it is very different to other mascaras on the market! 

I chose the Revlon Ultimate All In One Mascara they have a huge range and a mascara for every need from lengthening to volume, but let's face it I want one that does everything!

The first thing that caught my attention with this mascara is the wand - I HAVE NEVER SEEN A WAND THIS SMALL - unless it is for lower lashes. I have to admit I was pretty unsure on how this would work but I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a try...

This was the result! When I first started trying this it did take time to get used to, I found the small wand collects a lot of product so you have to be careful when applying to make sure you seperate the lashes and don't leave clumps of product and it did smudge on my lower lashes.
So first impressions I wasn't a huge fan - HOWEVER I do feel like my views have slightly changed after giving it time and patience.

The mascara builds nicely and with a smaller wand I found it better to separate and build length with a smaller brush! The finished result as you can see is nice and natural so if you are looking for a false lash look or high volume this isn't for you but for those who have small, short lashes and just want something for everyday I think this will be perfect!

Each mascara in the new Revlon collection is unique and has a completely different brush to fit your needs! I will definitely continue using this for an everyday mascara but will certainly be trying others from the range in the future!

Have you tried this mascara - what were your thoughts :) ??

Sunday, 17 April 2016

My Skincare Routine!

I'm back with another skincare post on this lovely Sunday! I feel like I haven't done a skin care post in a little while so I thought I would update you on my routine and the products I have been using for a while now!

I think skincare is one of the most important things to get right and some of the best beauty products to buy! You only have this one set of skin so it is so important to take care of and nothing makes applying make-up better, than having a good skin day! 

 These products I have been using day and night everyday so far in 2016!

First off, these are my face washes - I use Philosophy's Microdelivery exfoliating wash each morning, making me feel fresh faced and has just the right amount of exfoliating beads to make me feel clean but comfortable. Then on an evening of course is my beloved Purity - nothing beats this cleanser, I jump in the shower and it takes every ounce of make-up off as well as making me feel cleansed and toned ready for my moisturiser! 

Next is the treatments, which I never realised were all No7! I use the Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum - which makes my skin feel so unbelievably smooth, it makes my skin feel amazing and why not start early with those anti-aging products! I then use my Beautiful Skin range - firstly the Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm under the eyes - I haven't used a lot of eye creams and always forget so this was something that is great to put on every night and not too heavy, it is more like a gel formula so blends nicely and feels refreshing. Next is my Day/Night Moisturisers for oily skin, which are lovely, not too thick and both soak in beautifully especially in the morning ready to put on make-up and creates a lovely base, not to mattifying but certainly not greasy. 

I have been really loving these products over the last few months - really easy to use and simple which is right down my street. I do use facial peels once or twice a week to thoroughly exfoliate my skin but on a daily basis these products work perfectly and leave my skin feeling great!

What are your favourite skincare products at the moment? :)

Monday, 11 April 2016

The Best Weekend Ever! | Country 2 Country Festival

I'm back with another post on Dublin, this time it's all about the main reason why I was there and to give you a glimpse into the best weekend ever! I still can't come to terms with how amazing it was!

The C2C Country to Country festival is something I've looked at for the past few years and always thought one day I will go there! So when James surprised me with these tickets for Christmas you can only imagine my reaction, tears included! The line up this year was unbelievable all my favourite country artists under one roof - so the excitement of waiting to go here was unlike any other!

I've been to so many concerts before from a young age, but nothing gets me like country music does, it's a huge part of my life, so this weekend was right down my street and I pretty scared on how I would react haha! 
So here's a few pictures of the line up of each night - nothing compares to the atmosphere and feeling of being in the arena, but I thought I'd give you a little insight into my weekend!

Chris Stapleton and his wife were amazing, such soulful voices you could hear a pin drop in the arena!

Kacey Musgraves - so much glam and glitter on one stage, I love her!

Eric Church - such an amazing performer, definitely need to see him again soon!

Ashley Monroe - beautiful voice and music! 

Thomas Rhett - another unbelievable performer, I can't stop listening to him and Eric Church since I've came back!

Dwight Yoakam - such a great musician and vocalist! 

Miranda Lambert - I was so excited to see her, one of my all time favourite artists and she was fantastic, I cried, danced and non-stop smiled when she was on stage, so effortless and amazing!

Maddie & Tae - so young and talented, voices together were beautiful :)


Sam Hunt- such a different country artist, from RnB to Country - I love him!

Little Big Town - Such an amazing group of great people :)

& last but definitely not least my idol, Carrie Underwood - I sound like such a fan girl right now but honestly she was beautiful, she was even more amazing live, I seriously couldn't get over how talented she was and such a humble person - all in all she blew me away!

Seeing all my favourite artists on stage definitely made me feel ten times more passionate about country music (which I never thought could happen) & it certainly inspired me to come back home pick up my guitar and write more songs! If you have the opportunity to get to this festival, go you won't be disappointed, I can't wait to see the line up for next year and it makes me so excited to go to USA in the summer that's for sure!

Thank you for reading, Here's to a great week! :)

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Concert Outfits | C2C Dublin

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Today I thought I would come back with a post from my weekend in Dublin recently - this time with my outfits for the concerts!

In my last Dublin post I mentioned I went to the Country 2 Country festival which was absolutely amazing (post to follow)  and one of the hardest things is to try to plan outfits to work for a concert - especially when standing for a long time and feeling comfortable - but trying to look the part at the same time!

Here are my outfits of choice! It may give a little inspiration for any upcoming concerts you may be going to...

Of course I had to wear my cowgirl boots! 
Dress - USC
You can't beat a little skater dress! 

I thought I'd share with you a make up picture - I used the Bourjois nude quad shadows from my previous easy nude eye post, every night! It was great for travelling and went with every outfit perfect!

Dress - Forever 21
This was super comfy, I love it!

(We didn't plan on being colour co-ordinated - trust me haha!)

Dress - H&M
Bag - New Look
I did plan on wearing the dress on it's own,  it is really cute with little buttons all down the back and almost like a tutu on the bottom. But after buying a top at the merchandise table and going to see Carrie Underwood this night - the only option was to stick it on top! 

I wore a dress each night, as they're comfy, easy to pack and still feel nice on for a night out! Plus they all matched with my boots and that's what matters - right!?

It was pretty unbelievable to say the least - I can't wait to share with you some of the pictures of the concerts in my next post - watch this space! 

What's your favourite thing to wear for a concert? :) Let me know!