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Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Today I thought I would come back with a post from my weekend in Dublin recently - this time with my outfits for the concerts!

In my last Dublin post I mentioned I went to the Country 2 Country festival which was absolutely amazing (post to follow)  and one of the hardest things is to try to plan outfits to work for a concert - especially when standing for a long time and feeling comfortable - but trying to look the part at the same time!

Here are my outfits of choice! It may give a little inspiration for any upcoming concerts you may be going to...

Of course I had to wear my cowgirl boots! 
Dress - USC
You can't beat a little skater dress! 

I thought I'd share with you a make up picture - I used the Bourjois nude quad shadows from my previous easy nude eye post, every night! It was great for travelling and went with every outfit perfect!

Dress - Forever 21
This was super comfy, I love it!

(We didn't plan on being colour co-ordinated - trust me haha!)

Dress - H&M
Bag - New Look
I did plan on wearing the dress on it's own,  it is really cute with little buttons all down the back and almost like a tutu on the bottom. But after buying a top at the merchandise table and going to see Carrie Underwood this night - the only option was to stick it on top! 

I wore a dress each night, as they're comfy, easy to pack and still feel nice on for a night out! Plus they all matched with my boots and that's what matters - right!?

It was pretty unbelievable to say the least - I can't wait to share with you some of the pictures of the concerts in my next post - watch this space! 

What's your favourite thing to wear for a concert? :) Let me know! 

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