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This Sunday's blog post I thought I would share with you a product which has been a life saver for me recently!

A few weeks ago I had a really dry and sensitive scalp, which I had no idea how, as it wasn't something I had ever suffered with before. But safe to say it was driving me mad! I decided to really look at the beauty products I was using and start using products for sensitive skin with little or no fragrance! That is when I came across the new Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair and Body Range... 

I had used this range when it came out a few years ago and was impressed so I thought I would give the new updated products a try. The Delicate Soother caught my eye as it had no parabens and was for a sensitive scalp which is what I'd been suffering from! I wasn't quite sure about the scent to start with, rice cream and oat milk sounded way to sickly for my liking but surprisingly it is lovely - a fresh, clean and subtle scent. It immediately done what it says - I no longer had irritation and my hair just felt so soft and healthy after using it! The range also has body lotions and butters - I tried the lotion and love that as well. I think it'll be perfect for over the summer, when coming out of the sun, plus the whole family can use it without worrying if it will irritate the skin or leave a strong scent!

I now feel back to normal and it has made me realise that sticking to the simple products without all the extra added ingredients and harsh fragrances is the best thing for your skin - not only is it a safe option but it does the same or even sometimes better of a job than all of those other products on the market!

I love this range - I have used nothing else since I tried it and think it will be a staple in my bathroom for a while! Have you used it?

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