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 Hello and Happy Sunday! Since coming back, life has been so busy and time has gone so quickly! 
I was wondering what to post from my travels and I thought I would just give a run down on some of the main places, we visited so many unbelievable places (check out my social media links to see all the pictures!) but I thought I would share just a few, otherwise I could go on forever! 

Obviously I had to include the home of country music all on it's own, one of my favourite places which I will definitely return too, the wonderful Nashville!

We both love country music so much so we knew this was a must stop on our travels and it did not disappoint. I loved every second not only the amount of amazing talent there was on every corner but the feels of the place and lovely places and sights there was to see.

The Grand Ole Opry was so special, to be sitting watching amazing artists play my favourite music was surreal, so of course we had to go back for a second time during our stay, seeing multiple acts on the night and experiencing new music by different artists was so good!

If you watch the show Nashville you'll know Bluebird Cafe is a really big deal & yep, I can certainly see why. We waited 4 hours to get into the songwriters night and it was worth standing out in that boiling hot sun for any day. It is hard to describe the feel of the place, it was so small and intimate that the atmosphere was amazing, we ate, drank and heard some of the most the most amazing talent!
My dream is definitely to play here one day...

All the bars and shops were really fun to look around especially on broadway and let's just say Nashville loves a good Honky Tonk!

If you go to Nashville, eat here! The best fried chicken and it is worth the wait!

 We done loads of sights from Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame and the bus tours, we were the ultimate tourists! 

I absolutely loved Nashville, I can definitely see why musicians what to up and move here to follow their dreams, it's like music heaven.

Thank you for an amazing visit Nashville, until next time....

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