A Little Taste Of Disney Magic!

By Unknown - 19:55:00

As you probably all know I am a huge Disney fan and a Disney World holiday has always seemed to squeeze it's way into my plans for quite a few years now, so when we went travelling this year I definitley took the opportunity to grab a little Disney magic when I could! 
We decided to visit California Disney Land after LA for a couple of days and it certainly didn't disappoint. Of course Disney World Florida always has a place in my heart and nowhere compares for me but I still had an amazing time and it felt great to see a new park with new rides and shows and of course say hello to my good old friend Mickey Mouse!

Heres some pictures from both Disney Land and California Adventure Park, we had a blast... 

No matter where in the world, Disney always feels just like home! We had such a great time I loved the different rides this park had from Cars to Nemo's Submarine, Indiana Jones and shows. They were all so different to other Disney parks I've been too!

It was the best idea to have a couple of days here, to experience a little Disney magic in the middle of our amazing adventure!

Thank you as always Disney, I'm sure we'll see you again soon...

Until next time,


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