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One thing which I love just as much and find just as important as makeup, is skincare
I am a true believer that treating your skin right gives you confidence with and without makeup, but we can't always afford an expensive skincare range, so I thought I'd try something more affordable because who says the price of the item makes it better or higher quality.
Recently I've been using Boots Botanics skincare for a daily face wash and scrub, here are my thoughts...

I have used Botanics in the past, so I thought why not try it again. The products are kind and gentle to the skin and have a full range for dry to oily skin and everything skincare you need at such an affordable price.

I chose to try the everyday 'All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash' for a morning wash, so it is not harsh for the skin, plus the thought of waking up with bright, radiant skin from brightening hibiscus flowers definitely appealed to me. It feels lovely on the skin and is a great everyday wash, but I did feel like I still needed something to deeply clean my skin every so often. So I have also been using the Shine Away Face Scrub' to not only get rid of the dead skin and deeply scrub the pores, but it also states that it mattifies and leaves the skin feeling shine free, which is a bonus I need for my skin. After you use this, your skin doesn't feel oily, I can't say it leaves the skin matte for a long period of time but it is a lovely scrub and certainly does as it says, I use it around three times a week and it leaves you feeling fresh and exfoliated.

For an affordable skincare brand, Botanics is great and I would definitely recommend it for a cheaper alternative or even if you have sensitive skin or want to start a skincare regime but unsure where to begin! I will definitely be trying more of the products especially for oily skin.

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