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Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year with your family and friends and really just having a good time! I had a brilliant time and although I was sad for it all to end as always, I am ready for the year ahead, I have goals for myself this year which I can't wait to work towards and see where it all leads me! 

That brings me to talk about my blog! As you have probably seen last year I wasn't posting as regular and although I kept saying I'm back, I would then be gone for weeks before another post went up.
So here's why...

At the start of the year I was pretty consistent with blogging I looked forward to planning and trying new products and posting about the little adventures I had
been along the way! 
But then I went travelling over the summer and at first I thought I would have time to post little blogs along the way, but little did I know I would be on the go constantly, if I wasn't travelling to the next place, I was experiencing the country, seeing the sights and taking in each moment, trying not to miss a single thing.

Not only did I not have time but this was a time of my life which I had been waiting for, me and James saved for a while to make sure this was possible and I wanted this to be a time in my life where I had no responsibilities, where I could travel to wherever we had planned and do whatever our hearts decided on that day and enjoy every minute because I knew we might not have this opportunity again!

Taking on this mindset and travelling to all these places to begin with was a huge deal for me, because to be honest I am a worrier. The thought of not being organised as to where I'm going and being far away from everyone I loved was a huge deal and very scary for me! But it was the best thing I could of done and by not posting and constantly being able to go on my phone or social media was the best thing for me. It made me realise what is important and made the experience not just amazing to see those places but amazing for changing the way I thought and looked at things! 

But it also made me realise and think about what I loved to do and gave me a clear mind on what I wanted in life. This is where blogging comes into it...From the minute I started my blog I LOVED it, my blog is somewhere where I can feel completely comfortable and enjoy talking about the things I love, and share my creative side which I feel can sometimes slip away from me and I don't want that to happen! I came back home in October and straight into full time work so not only was it hard to adjust my life back to normality and I have found it hard to find a good work/life balance!

But in 2017 one thing I know I not only want but need to do for me, is to start blogging again and feeling the passion I had this time last year! It is a great little space to spend time for yourself and talk about whatever your heart desires and no matter if one person reads my posts or one hundred - I am grateful I get to sit here and have a place where I can come, to be myself and do what I enjoy!

From this day forward I am going to start a fresh with my blog, I didn't get to blog about all my travels including Australia but click on the links to my social media where I posted pictures along the way if you are interested - and I will be back very soon with new frequent posts! 

I wish you all the best for 2017 and if there is anything at all which your heart desires this year, then go for it, anything is possible...


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