What Sundays Mean To Me!

By Mellissa Marshall - 20:29:00

I hope you are having a great weekend, Today I thought I'd write a little post talking about what a Sunday means to me and generally what I get up too, to prepare for the week ahead! 

First off, I don't know if this is just me, but when I was younger I used to not like a Sunday at all, the dread I had that the weekend was coming to an end and Monday was getting closer made me not enjoy the day whatsoever! But as I got older my mindset completely changed, Sunday's became my only day off and a day free day to do whatever I like and relax - bliss!

I feel like it is the only day when people take the day to do what they enjoy, are much more laid back and think about what is important. I have also realised the only reason I didn't like a Sunday was because I spent so much time thinking of the week ahead and what I had to do, that I couldn't enjoy the time I had to enjoy and put myself in the right frame of mind to start the week.

Generally this is the only day me and James have off together a lot of the time, so spending quality time with loved ones is the main reason I love this day. Whether it's going for a walk to the beach like we did today, going out, or simply staying at home and having a pyjama day, it's so important to enjoy each day! Sometimes ourselves are definitely the blame for how we think and feel and not live our lives the way we want.

 I feel so productive on a Sunday now that I have learned to appreciate it! It has definitely turned into my favourite day and not only do I look forward to it, it makes me feel ready and revived for the week ahead!

Happy Sunday, hope you have had a great day and remember its not only the chance to turn a good or bad week into a better one but the opportunity to start your new week off to a great start!

Here's to a great week,

Lissy xxx

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